With a new year comes the opportunity to start fresh. Some people make promises of better health while others seek to transform their lives in other areas. With many people at home more than normal nowadays, it’s a great opportunity to freshen up the spaces that you occupy in your home.

A fresh coat of paint can usher in a new beginning and provide comfort and relaxation. The color trends for 2021 are hues that do their part in changing moods to happy, energizing, and calming. The choice of color palette is intended for those who want to fully embrace mindfulness while showcasing natural hues that are restorative and optimistic.

Create Your Comfort Zone

Painting your home is a low-cost, high-impact project that can improve more than the value of your home. It can offer a much-needed reboot in 2021. A common theme among the color choices for this year offers a relaxing and calm feeling.  They provide some sense of normalcy in an otherwise chaotic world.

If you’re not sure what color or shade to cover your walls with, take note of these colors for inspiration.

1. Warm Neutrals

For those who have had enough of white walls, a warm neutral color can take the place of boring to add depth to a space.

Taupes or brown beiges can be used in contemporary settings and different kitchen designs. The undertones of warm neutrals are a good choice to upgrade a bathroom. You can use neutrals for a home office that is more serene and increases your level of productivity. Using a pinkish beige paint color is a good way to add a little color and a calming effect.

2. Natural Greens

Green is a popular shade for living spaces to promote feelings of coziness and relaxation. It is especially inviting in living and family rooms. A soft earthy shade of green offers a sense of calm for a household that is always busy. It is the perfect backdrop in multi-purpose rooms and pairs well with dark gray, black, or brown accents.

Green shades look great in kitchens, especially on cabinets. Green can be used on lower cabinets with a soft white on upper cabinets. Accents of dark brown woodwork will enhance the feeling of nature even more.

3. Black

Contemporary kitchens and bathrooms are seeing more black take over the space.  Black works with just about any other color in the spectrum. A color that was once too dark to have on a wall or cabinet is now embraced to bring sophistication and a sense of rest.

Black paint can be used with white and wood tones for rustic or farmhouse decor. Metal accents such as brass or nickel complete the look and can make it more modern or contemporary.

4. Serene Blues

Blue is a color most often described as calming. Coastal blues are becoming the go-to color in bedrooms.  From aqua to deep-sea shades, this hue brings a sense of tranquility into your space.

There are several shades of blue to choose from.  For those who want a softer shade of blue, try painting the walls a light turquoise to create a soothing atmosphere. For a relaxing space, pair blue with shades of green and white. Blue is a color that can always be used to give your home or office a fresh look.

Guiding You to the Right Paint Color

Choosing colors for your living spaces can be overwhelming. With the right guidance and expertise, you can refresh your home just by choosing the perfect paint color. Your choice of color can make or break your space. 

Finding the right paint color can be intimidating and choosing the right one can be difficult if you don’t have the expertise. Painting your home or office is an investment you want to get right the first time.  A color consultation expert is what you need to assess the current undertones in your home to find the color that will work best. By getting your color right the first time around, you won’t waste any time or money with costly mistakes.

Transform Your Space

If you’re ready for new beginnings, consider changing the colors in your home. Give yourself a room where you feel rejuvenated or relaxed.

At ACP Painting, LLC, we have the experience and technique to ensure a long-lasting finish. Our color consulting services are here to help you select colors that complement the architectural features of your property.

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