Residential Interior & Exterior Painting

If you're a homeowner, you know how important regular maintenance is. Keeping your house in good repair can prevent probelms from arising. Small repairs or upkeep now can save you headaches later. Part of the regular home maintenance is painting. Not only does a fresh coat of paint make your home look better, it can help protect it from the elements, especially outdoors.

Why Hire a Professional Painter?

You may consider saving a few dollars by painting your home yourself or hiring a college kid on school break. That may not be wise in the long term; here’s why:

  • Quality of Results. Painting is a skill that requires training and experience to produce the best results. Amateurs may not know the proper techniques and necessary steps to get the best finish.
  • Time. Don’t you have enough to do without spending your “leisure” time working? Do what you’re best at and leave the painting to the pros.
  • Risk. What happens if you or an unlicensed painter gets injured on the job or causes damages to the home during the project? You would be liable as the homeowner. When you hire a reputable professional painting contractor, they will be licensed, insured and bonded, releasing you from any liability.
  • Materials and Equipment. Painting requires more than just a can of paint, a brush and roller. Ladders, tarps, protective gear, and knowing the right types of brushes and rollers to use are critical to getting the job done right. By the time you buy all the necessary materials, you may be surprised how much you spend. A professional already has all the equipment needed to do a thorough job.

Interior Painting

Are you tired of the color scheme inside your home? Are the walls dingy or faded or is the paint chipping? What about the baseboards and other trim?

Painting your home’s interior is probably the most economical and quickest way to breathe life into it. Choosing different colors can change your mood in positive ways. Bright colors will induce cheerful feelings, while softer colors can be calming and peaceful.

ACP Painting offers color consultations to help you choose the colors that will meet your needs. We’ll advise you on the latest trends and techniques to update the look of your home. We can give you options to achieve the mood and look you want.

Exterior Painting

The curb appeal of your home is what forms the first impression to visitors. If your home’s exterior is chipped, cracked or faded, it decreases its appeal and value. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, you still want to maintain its aesthetic look for your own enjoyment and pleasure. 

Fresh paint will also help protect your house from the outdoor elements. The excessive heat in Arizona, especially during summer months, can greatly impact the exterior of a home. It can expedite the paint fading and cracking. ACP Painting can apply a new coat of paint to keep it brighten and protect it.

Hiring the Right Professional Painter

When you’re looking to hire a professional painter for your home, don’t settle for less than the best. Do your research; check online reviews and testimonials, years in business. Ask for references, get detailed estimates.

Remember, the cheapest bid isn’t always the best. Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured. Ask to see examples of their work. Ask how they handle issues that arise during and after the project is completed.

We think you’ll find that ACP Painting LLC will meet all your requirements. We are a local company serving the Southern Phoenix metro area since 2005. We pride ourselves in our reliability and punctuality. We do what we promise, when we promise it.

We offer a 4-year warranty that covers any issues you find after we leave your home. Just call us and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

ACP Painting knows you have options when choosing a residential painting contractor. We’d love to be your choice for life! Give us a call today to get a free estimate.