Commercial Exterior Painting

If you own or manage a commercial building, you know the importance of keeping it maintained. Otherwise, it falls into disrepair. 

If the exterior of the building has fading, peeling, or cracked paint, it reflects badly on any business occupying the space. Negative impressions from customers will result, causing lost business. Your tenants may decide to look elsewhere for space.

Not only is a failing paint job bad for business, it’s bad for the building itself. Cracked, peeling paint doesn’t protect the siding from weather. Moisture can seep into cracks and holes, resulting in degradation and mold growth. Keeping it regularly painted can prevent that from happening.

Choose Your Commercial Painter Wisely

Most commercial property owners don’t take it upon themselves to paint their own buildings. Hiring a professional for the job is the smart thing to do. However, don’t just hire any painter.

ACP Painting, LLC is an experienced commercial painting company. We have the tools, equipment, and skills to tackle any exterior painting job for your property. 

Commercial painting is different from painting a house. The size of the job is usually the biggest differentiating factor between commercial and residential painting. But there are other factors that make hiring a painting contractor experienced in commercial painting very important.

  1. Traffic. Commercial buildings have a lot of activity surrounding them. Cars driving around the parking lot, people going in and out of the building, deliveries, other service providers--these are some of the many intrusions to expect. Experienced commercial painters know how to work around these obstacles. They can proceed with the exterior painting regardless of interruptions and without causing unnecessary delays.
  2. Special Equipment. Often, commercial buildings require the use of specialized equipment to paint the exterior. Multiple stories, different surface types, and unusual architectural features can complicate the painting process. Experienced commercial painters will have scaffolding, extension ladders, lifts, pressure washers, paint sprayers, and any other equipment necessary to complete the job properly. 
  3. Business Operations. Most commercial properties being painted are occupied by tenants doing normal business operations. They can’t just close down during a painting project. Experienced commercial painters understand this, so they adjust to meet the demands. Sometimes, it requires doing the painting outside the normal 9-5 weekday shift. 
  4. Sufficient Insurance. Because the liability is much greater when painting commercial exteriors, the painters you hire need a higher level of insurance coverage. Otherwise, you could be responsible for damages and injuries that occur during the painting project. 

It’s important to ask any companies you are planning to hire whether they have the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to complete your commercial exterior painting job. 

Get the Quality, Experience, and Service You Deserve

Don’t risk losing business by ignoring the way your commercial building looks to customers. First impressions matter. No matter how good your product or service is, you need to attract customers to come inside to experience it. If they are turned off before they even walk in the door, you’re already at a disadvantage. 

When you’re ready to paint, ACP Painting, LLC can meet your needs. We have over 20 years experience painting commercial buildings, both interior and exterior. We are fully insured, so you needn’t worry about liability. We’ll work around your schedule and do our best to minimize disruptions to your business. Call the commercial painting professionals at ACP for the highest quality and best customer service in the area.