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These days many companies try to get more out of their customers than expected. It can be hard to know what company you can trust which is why it is our goal at ACP Painting to build stellar customer relations delivering quality service with integrity.

Professional Commercial & Residential Painting In Chandler

Our Chandler professional painters provide a wide variety of services for both commercial and residential properties. Whether you need a new coat of paint in your office space or the exterior of your home needs an update, we have you covered. The painting services we provide include:

  • Interior Commercial
  • Exterior Commercial
  • Apartment building
  • Water Tower
  • Pedestrian Bridge
  • Interior Residential Paint
  • Exterior Residential Paint
  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Color Consultation
  • Stucco and Drywall Repair
  • Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings

Our Process

Commercial And Residential Painting Process
Tempe Commercial And Residential Painting Process Painting Process
Inspection And Approval By The Homeowner
Proposal Requested And Appointment Set By ACP Office
Quality Control And Inspected By Crew Leader
Quality Control And Inspected By Crew Leader
The Project Is Executed And Supervised By Job Leader
The Project Is Executed And Supervised By Job Leader
Job Is Scheduled And Details Are Reviewed By Customer Advocate
Job Is Scheduled And Details Are Reviewed By Customer Advocate
In-Person Consultation To Review Work, Followed By A Detailed Proposal By Sales Representative
In-Person Consultation To Review Work, Followed By A Detailed Proposal By Sales Representative
Proposal Requested and Appointment Set By ACP Office

Request A Free Painting Estimate

Request A Free Painting Estimate For Painting Projects In Chandler
Request A Free Painting Estimate For Painting Projects In Chandler

Guaranteed Commercial Painting Services In Chandler

When it’s time to get your commercial building in Chandler painted or re-painted, contact our reputable commercial painting company for complete and guaranteed service that you can trust. With our skilled painters, your commercial building will be spruced up in no time.

Chandler Commercial Interior Office Painting

Commercial Interior Painting

Experience a high quality painting job with our commercial interior painters.

Commercial Exterior Painting Services In Chandler

Commercial Exterior Painting

Protect the exterior of your building with ACP Painting’s quick and reliable service.

Metal Painting Services In Chandler

Metal Painting

Discover long-lasting durability for your metal structure by contacting us today!

Chandler’s Top-Rated Residential Painting Company

Explore the possibilities with our company that has 5-star ratings across many platforms!

Interior House Painters In Chandler

Interior House Painting

Let our skilled professionals at ACP Painting handle your living room, kitchen, bathroom, basement or bedroom paint job. No matter what needs to be painted in the interior of your home, we have you covered using quality materials and techniques.

Bathroom And Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services In Chandler

Cabinet Painting

Chandler homeowners have found an easy way to update the look of their kitchen by painting their cabinets! Our professionals will take the time to do your cabinets with precision and will even do a color consultation with you if needed.

Exterior House Painting Services In Chandler

Exterior House Painting

There are many steps to painting the exterior of homes including power washing, primer, paint, and trim. It is essential to do these steps with care to ensure durability and a long-lasting paint job. Trust ACP Painting to paint your exterior with integrity and detail.

Additional Services

Stucco And Drywall Repairs And Painting In Chandler

Stucco & Drywall Repairs And Painting

Whether your Chandler home or business needs a few small repairs before a paint job or large drywall or stucco repairs, we have the skills and resources needed to get the job done! Contact us today to get your wall or ceiling repaired!

Paint Color Consultation For Your Painting Project In Chandler

Color Consultation

It can be difficult to choose the right color for your rooms. Add confidence to your decision by letting our color consultants talk with you about your preferences and how to pick a color that will go with the rest of your space.

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings In Chandler

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings

Along with our repair and painting jobs, we also offer epoxy concrete floor coatings! Spruce up and protect your cement garage floor by adding durable epoxy. With the added shine and easy-to-clean floor, you won’t be disappointed.

Chandler’s Top Choice Residential & Commercial Painting Services

Professional Painting Experts Serving Chandler Residents & Business Owners

Chandler Painting Contractors For Residential And Commercial Painting Services

At ACP Painting, we stand by the work that we do. Our customers are important to us and we strive towards your satisfaction in every job. From our fair pricing, to our work ethic, to how we protect your possessions while we paint, you can be confident in what we deliver. Our integrity and excellent work is attested to by our many high ratings on various platforms! We boast an A+ rating on BBB, A on Angie’s List, and 5 star reviews on Yelp, Home Advisor, Facebook, and Google. Our motto is accountability, collaboration, and preservation and you can be sure we are committed to those things. Contact us today for a free quote or a Chandler paint consultation and we will send our qualified professionals to see how we can help!

Hiring A Reputable Painter

Best Residential & Exterior House Painters In Chandler

With so many painting companies to choose from, how do you know that a Chandler painter is reputable and will do the job you are hoping for? This question is imperative to the quality of work and service that you receive. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure hiring the best painter in Chandler.

Do Your Research. Maybe you received a referral from friends or family or maybe you went on the internet and found painters near you. No matter what your friends and family say or what first impressions you get from the internet, be sure to take some time and do some research.

A great place to start your research is to check out the company’s rating on Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Painting Contractors of America, or other reputable websites. See what people are recently saying about the company.

Ask Questions. Once you have done a little digging and have found a few painters with good ratings, contact the company and schedule a consultation. During this consultation you will want to ask several questions that will give you a better idea of which company to choose.

  • What is Included in the Estimate?
    This question is very important so you don’t end up with unexpected costs or parts of the job not done properly. Look to see that the company you choose includes prep, all materials, labor, cleanup, and any other specifics that you discussed during the consultation.
  • Are You Insured, Licensed, and Have References?
    By providing insurance and a license, you can trust that the company is covered and you are not liable if any injury, accidents, or damage occurs on your property. Additionally, references help give you other client’s perspectives on the work you might hire.
  • What Warranty Do You Offer, If Any?
    Chandler painting companies that care about their work and their customers should stand by their job and provide a warranty. This means that if something is not right or if you don’t agree with certain work that they did, they need to make it right.

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What Our Clients Say

5-Star Testimonials

They did an amazing job on my house. Tristan was very good at his job and was very professional and nice. I will definitely use them again and give my friends and family their number for any of their painting needs. Thank you very much.

Brandie A – Mesa, AZ


I had the exterior of my house painted by Lance, Israel, and Alejandro from ACP painting. They did a fantastic job. Walked the job with me each day and made sure I was happy with the work. Great group of guys to work with.

Thomas W. – Chandler, AZ


Highly Recommended Painters Providing Services In Chandler
Highly Recommended Painters
5-Star Rated ACP Painting Color Consultation
  • They did a remarkable job with painting my exterior home.

  • They were quick to respond to my questions, fair pricing, on time, worked hard, and cleaned up afterward.

  • This painting company goes above and beyond any expectations. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  • The team was very flexible with the project. They also provided a complimentary color consultation, which was very helpful and made the decision on color choices very easy.

They did an amazing job on my house. Tristan was very good at his job and was very professional and nice. I will definitely use them again and give my friends and family their number for any of their painting needs. Thank you very much.

Bryan Steven – Mesa, AZ


I had the exterior of my house painted by Lance, Israel, and Alejandro from ACP painting. They did a fantastic job. Walked the job with me each day and made sure I was happy with the work. Great group of guys to work with.

Thomas W. – Chandler, AZ


Why Hire ACP Painting For Your Painting Project?

Chandler’s Best-Rated Residential & Commercial Painting Services

There are many reasons why you should choose ACP Painting as your go-to Chandler residential and commercial painting service. With over 15 years of service providing quality work that is consistent, our clients know that they can trust in our integrity.

Contact us for a free estimate and discover why our customers return for other projects. From the minute we talk to you on the phone, to the moment we cleanup and leave, you will be taken care of. And if you need us to come back to fix something, we will be sure to make it right!

Types Of Residential Buildings Served By Our Painting Company

Painting Company Serving Chandler Single-Family Homes, Townhouses, And Cottages

Single-Family Homes, Townhouses & Cottages

Spruce up your home, townhouse, or cottage in Chandler both inside and outside with our commitment to using the best products on the market.

Painting Company Providing Services For Apartment Buildings In Chandler


Transform an older apartment building with a professional paint job done by our craftsmen at ACP Painting.

Chandler Painting Company Providing Services For Condominiums And HOAs

& HOAs

Experience the durability and long-lasting quality of our paint job on or in your condo or Homeowners Association!

Painting Company Serving Custom Homes, Estate Homes, And Villas In Chandler

Custom Homes, Estate Homes & Villas

Enjoy a new level of beauty and luxury by hiring our professionals to provide a meticulous paint job for your custom home, estate, or villa.

Types Of Commercial Buildings Served By Our Painting Company

Painting Company Office Buildings, Banks, And Financial Institutions

Office Buildings, Banks & Financial Institutions

Elevate the cleanliness of your office building, bank, or financial institution’s exterior with our trained professionals.

Painting Services For Warehouses, Retail Spaces, and Industrial Properties In Chandler

Warehouses, Retail Spaces & Industrial Properties

Discover integrity and professionalism when you hire our quality craftsmen to complete the paint job in your warehouse, retail space, or industrial property.

Chandler Painting Services For Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, And Entertainment Venues

Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels & Entertainment Venues

Ensure your restaurant, café, hotel, or entertainment venue is spruced up to provide comfort and fun with a new paint job!

Painting Services For Chandler Hospitals, Clinics, School Buildings, And Gyms

Hospitals, Clinics, School Buildings & Gyms

Hire ACP Painting today to transform your hospital, clinic, school building, or gym with high quality paint that will last.

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Let us be your Chandler painting company and have confidence in our work every step of the way. From prep to painting to cleanup, we have you covered.

Chandler Painting Company Providing Accountability


We value integrity and trust.

Chandler Painting Company Providing Collaboration


We value working together.



We value our employees and customers!

FAQs About Our Chandler Painting Services

The frequency of repainting a residential property typically ranges from 5 to 10 years, depending on factors like climate, paint quality, and wear and tear.

Yes, commercial painting generally costs more than residential painting due to larger spaces, specialized coatings, and often more complex requirements.

The time it takes for painters to repaint your property depends on factors such as the size of the property, scope of work, and weather conditions, but it can range from a few days to several weeks.
We know your items are valuable and ensure comprehensive furniture protection during our painting process!
While it’s not always necessary, it’s recommended to consider temporarily leaving your home or property during a paint job for your comfort and safety.
You can prepare your property for painting by removing furniture from the work area if it makes you more comfortable and ensuring clear access for the painters.

Local Painting Company Serving Throughout Chandler, AZ

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Chandler Neighborhoods ServedBy Our Painting Contractors

Home Painting In Vasaro, Chandler

Does Your Home In Vasaro Need Painting?Get In Touch With
Us Today!

When you need a new or updated paint job done in your home in Vasaro, contact ACP Painting to ensure top-notch work!

Residential And Commercial Services Near Riggs Ranch Meadows

Need Residential Or Commercial Services Near Riggs Ranch Meadows? Contact Our
Company Today!

If you live near Riggs Ranch Meadows, look no further for residential or commercial paint services and let us help!

Painting Company In Ocotillo Lakes, Chandler

Looking For A Painting Company In Ocotillo Lakes?Our Painting
Contractors Can Help

Hire our skilled professionals today for a fresh painting job on the exterior or interior of your home in Ocotillo Lakes.

ACP Painting Offers Interior And Exterior Painting Services In Maple-Ash, Chandler

Does Your Property Need Interior Or Exterior Painting Services In Cantabria? Give Us A Call!

Whether you need painting services on a new remodel or a fresh coat of paint on something older in Cantabria, ACP Painting has you covered!

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