If you’re a homeowner, HOA trustee or manager, or a property manager in Maricopa, Arizona, you will eventually need painting services. Look no further! ACP Painting LLC is right around the corner!

Based in Maricopa, ACP Painting has been in the painting business since 2005. We provide a variety of

  • Residential interior and exterior painting
  • Commercial interior and exterior painting
  • Metal painting (view fences, bridges, water towers, etc.)
  • Cabinet painting
  • Drywall/Stucco repair and painting

How to Hire a Professional Painter in Maricopa

We know you have options when looking for a professional painter. You should do your due diligence when deciding which company is best for you. Here are some questions to ask each company you’re considering:

  1. Estimates. Do you offer free estimates? What is included/not included in the estimated cost? Do you visit my property in Maricopa or just go by measurements and provide the estimate over the phone?
  2. Credentials. Is the company insured, licensed and bonded? This is important to reduce your liability for any injuries or damages. Do you have any certifications or training; for example, membership in the Painters Contractors of America (PCA)?
  3. Crew. Will the same crew be on the project for the duration? Who is my point of contact if I have questions or issues?
  4. References. Ask for a list of customers they have done similar work for. These don’t necessarily have to be in Maricopa. You’ll want to check their online reviews and customer testimonials, as well.
  5. Portfolio. Can you show me examples (photos and descriptions) of similar projects you’ve completed?
  6. Materials. What grade and brands of paint and other products do you use?
  7. Prep and clean up. What level of preparation do you include? Who is responsible for moving or protecting items in the work area? Do you completely clean the area when the project is complete? Will you replace all items that you removed in the course of the work, e.g., exterior gutters, interior window hardware)?
  8. Warranty. Do you offer any type of guarantee or warranty on your work? If the results don’t meet my specifications or are unsatisfactory, what recourse do I have?

Answers to these questions will provide insight into the company, its management, and work ethic.

Hire a Local Company in Maricopa

ACP Painting was founded by Rob and Russ Byers, brothers who are both U.S. Army veterans. They have a passion for painting and strive to exceed expectations. They and all their crew share the same philosophy: to always give overall customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship delivered with honesty and integrity.

ACP Painting uses only the highest quality paint and other products to produce the best, longest-lasting finish. We believe in ongoing communication with the customer. The project manager and crew leader will be onsite on every job, providing updates on the project to the customer. They are happy to answer any questions.

The goal of everyone at ACP Painting is to have lifetime customers. That’s why they go above and beyond, offering an industry-leading 5-year warranty. If you notice any issues, during or after project completion, they will fix it promptly.

Contact them today to get a free consultation and comprehensive estimate for your next Maricopa project.