Are you a homeowner in Gilbert, Arizona who is considering replacing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? Are your current cabinets old and outdated, or are they dingy, scratched or grimy?

Replacing those cabinets with new ones is certainly a solution. But it’s quite a high-priced one! Did you know that you can get them professionally painted instead for less than half of the cost of new ones? You’d be surprised what a difference newly painted cabinets will make.

Don’t Paint the Cabinets Yourself

Although you may be tempted to paint the cabinets in your Gilbert home as a DIY project, you may find that it becomes overwhelming. Sure, you can find DIY sites with instructions. Take it from us, the job is not one for amateurs.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional to paint your cabinets:

  • Time and Effort. You’d be surprised how long it takes to properly prep and paint even a few cabinets. To do the job right, you need to remove the doors, drawers and hardware. They’ll need to be spread out where you can paint them on a flat surface. You need to wait for one side to dry for each primer coat and paint coat before painting the other side.
  • Inconvenience. Because it always takes longer for an amateur to paint cabinets, your Chandler kitchen or bathroom will have limited use throughout the project. Since these two rooms are the most used in most households, it puts a hardship on the family and everyday living.
  • Quality. Professional painters are trained in the proper techniques and products to produce the best results. Cabinets can be constructed of different types of wood and wood products. They may also be finished with veneers or other coatings. Proper preparation is key to getting the best outcome. Using the specific steps and products for the job is also critical to a long-lasting, smooth finish.

Popular Colors for Cabinets

Are you tired of the same old wood-grain finish on your Gilbert cabinets? There are some recent trends in paint colors you might want to consider.

  • White looks clean and bright. It makes the room look more open
  • Green is emerging as desired shade, mostly in darker emerald hues. It’s the color of nature and tends to elicit a soothing feeling.
  • Blue, especially navy, is the “new neutral” color.
  • Black is a bold look that can create a dramatic backdrop for your room, especially against white.
  • Gray in any shade has been popular for some time now. It’s still the color of choice for many Gilbert homeowners.
  • Pastels are the choice of people wanting a softer look. Pale blues, pinks and greens can be great options.
  • Using two colors can give the room a different vibe. Painting the top cabinets one color and the lower ones a different color can make it look more unique.

Hire the Best Painting Company in Chandler

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