One of the many services ACP Painting offers is color consultations. This allows you to test out the colors you are interested in before making a purchase and having your entire house or room painted with a color you’re not crazy about.

We want you to utilize our color consultation services to make sure you are choosing the right color for your home or business. Whether it’s for an exterior or interior paint project, color consultations consider the flow of color throughout your entire space. At ACP Painting, our goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing space, no matter where you look.

Meet Our Color Consultant, Julie Child

Julie has a degree in Interior Design and enjoys assisting customers choose their perfect color palette. Her experience with Sherwin Williams as a Color Consultant will prevent costly color mistakes.

Julie is knowledgeable of the many elements that are important to consider when making color decisions such as lighting and coordinating with existing furnishings. In addition, Julie knows how to detect sneaky undertones and will help you avoid them. Along with careful consideration of your preferences, Julie will consider the landscaping, the architecture of your home or business, and neighboring homes and buildings.

Benefits of a Color Consultation

Our color consultant service can help you create a color palette for the entire home or infuse some color into just one area of your business. No matter what type of consultation you choose, you’ll get several benefits of using our color consultation service.

Save Time. You’ve probably spent several hours going over paint colors and decorating ideas for your home. Many homeowners use Pinterest boards for inspiration which can use up a lot of time. Julie can help you narrow down color choices in the first meeting. Having fewer color decisions to make saves you time and frustration.

Prevent a Costly Mistake. A color consultation can save you money. You won’t have to purchase sample cans of paint to test out different colors. We can help you stretch your decorating budget that will leave more money for other furnishings and accessories.

Julie’s color expertise will also prevent you from choosing the wrong paint color. You don’t want to realize you’ve chosen the wrong color after it’s on the walls, then having them painted over again.

Know the Latest Color Trends.  It may not be that important to you to paint with the top color trends in your home, but if you’re thinking of resale value, you’ll want to know what buyers might prefer.  We know you’re busy with other things; that’s why we keep up with the latest color trends. Julie can share the top trends for the year, and which colors will make your home more attractive to buyers.

Help Pull Everything Together. You may already have a great color scheme in your home or business but can’t seem to pull everything together to make it work. There may be nothing wrong with the colors you chose, but how you put them together doesn’t look right. Julie can help you mix things up to find the perfect balance.

Color with Confidence

Painting a room, an office, or an entire house is a cost-effective way to dramatically change the look of your home or business.  But choosing paint colors can be a daunting and stressful task. If you are feeling overwhelmed at the amount of time spent agonizing over paint colors, ACP Painting is here to help.

With our color consultation service, you don’t have to fear making the wrong decision. We’ll help you choose a color with confidence. You will walk away knowing you’ve picked the right color for your space

The Local Painting Experts

ACP Painting is your one stop stop where you can get expert painting services at a fair price. Now, with our color consultation services, you have one more reason to hire us to paint your home or business. Even better, Julie’s color consulting service (valued at $150) is FREE to customers who contract a job with ACP Painting valued over $1000.

Contact us today for your free consultation.