Concrete blocks are a common type of masonry building material in residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Just about every home and Homeowners Association in Arizona utilizes this material for fencing and screen walls.

Concrete blocks are long-lasting, cost-effective, strong, fire-resistant, and low maintenance. They do, however, begin to deteriorate primarily from moisture (either natural or by irrigation). Like most other building materials, concrete block walls require paint for protection against the elements.

Before painting concrete blocks, the wall should be inspected to ensure structural integrity and stability. All major cracks, holes, scrapes, and gouges should be repaired using masonry repair material before painting.

Concrete block walls should also be cleaned by pressure washing the surface to remove all dust, dirt, and old paint. Additionally, ACP Painting treats water-affected areas of block walls using DryLok masonry primer/waterproofer to ensure a more lasting finish.

Advantages of Painting Concrete Block Walls

Painting a concrete surface is not as simple as painting wood or drywall. It is not a complicated task to complete; however, you want a painter with experience to get a good finish. A fresh coat of paint can spruce up a courtyard, perimeter fence, or backyard space.  Painting concrete block walls provides three major benefits.

paint concrete block walls

1. Aesthetic AppealWhether used for an outdoor garden wall or a firepit seating area, concrete blocks can make for a dull and boring look. Most people just leave them in their natural gray or brown color because they aren’t aware that they can be painted or don’t know how to paint a concrete surface. Not every backyard design fits with a brown or gray concrete wall.  Adding paint can improve the look of your property.

Over time, concrete block walls will start to look old and even unpainted, their original colors will begin to look muted. Painting these walls can make your space feel vibrant and inviting. If you have a concrete wall in your backyard, you can transform your outdoor space to fit the rest of your home.

2. ProtectionConcrete blocks have tiny air holes and pockets that form a sponge-like surface, which means they soak up moisture easily.  Concrete has a porous surface that collects and expels moisture, which can weaken or damage the paint. This is the leading cause of concrete paint failure. The extra absorption also can keep paint from adhering to the surface.

Painting concrete block walls helps to protect the concrete from wear and tear. It also extends the life of the concrete by preventing further damage. Proper preparation ensures an even paint application that will resist peeling and flaking. A concrete sealing primer prevents moisture from leaching out of the blocks and weakening the paint

3. Easier MaintenanceConcrete blocks need to be cleaned initially by pressure washing to dirt, and frequently efflorescence.  Appropriate cleaning can remove contaminants and help produce a more uniform appearance as well as be imperative for paint life and adhesion.

A fresh coat of paint on your concrete block wall will decrease the time and effort you spend on routine cleaning and maintenance. When a coat of paint is added to the surface, it provides a layer to block dirt and contaminants, and allow your wall to be washable.

Different Uses for Concrete Block Walls

concrete block wall

Concrete block walls can be used in a variety of different ways. Their versatility to meet residential, commercial, or industrial needs is another great benefit. Here are a few suggestions on ways you can use concrete block walls for your property.

Security BarriersIf you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to keep a place safer and more private, concrete blocks serve as great security barriers. You can use them for different types of special events, privacy for your backyard landscape, and to cordon off building sites.

Retaining WallsConcrete blocks are perfect for building retaining walls. They can keep water or unwanted landscaping materials away from parts of your building. Concrete blocks are lightweight and durable, making them ideal for builders to construct the walls.

Backyard Movie Theatre One creative use of concrete block walls is as a makeshift movie screen. By painting one side of the wall white, you can then project movies onto the wall, without the worry of having to maintain a cloth screen.

Trusted Painting Professionals

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