There are numerous professional painting contractors that homeowners and commercial property owners or managers can choose from. Hiring the right company can be a more complicated task than it seems.

Many property owners are unaware of certain factors and procedures to follow before hiring painting contractors to renew our living spaces. Although each state is different in requirements for certain types of contractors, some commonalities should be addressed.

Important Information to Know Before Hiring a Painter

A fresh coat of paint can revive the look and feel of any room or exterior. A painting project placed in the wrong hands can end up looking sloppy and not last as long as it should.  This costs the homeowner more money and much more grief in the long run.

Taking the time to ask a painting company a few questions before hiring them can save you from wasting money and time. To help you easily verify if a painting company is qualified, ask these essential questions before signing the contract:

1. Who Will Be Doing the Work?

You need to know who exactly is going to handle your paint project. Family-owned or locally owned companies tend to employ their own painters. Some companies contract the jobs out fully or partially. If so, make sure all individuals assigned to your project (employees and subcontractors) will be background-checked.  This is important to generate a level of trust and comfort on your part.

2. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Verify that the paint company has the correct permits and credentials before moving forward. Some states require painters to be licensed; others do not. But they should at least be registered in the state where the work is taking place.

Every painting contractor should carry general liability insurance. This ensures the property owner is not responsible for any damages incurred by the painter.

3. How Much Prep Work and Cleanup Do You Do?

Proper prep work is crucial to getting quality results.  Be sure to ask your painting contractor if his team will prepare the surfaces for painting or if you need to do it yourself.

Painting crews should always be mindful of the surrounding furnishings, landscaping, or unique architecture on any worksite. They should keep your property clean and damage-free.

4. Can You Suggest Color Themes?

Check whether the painting contractor can guide you in choosing the perfect color themes and combinations before they start working. ACP Painting offers a complimentary in-home color consulting service to help you get the right look for your property, inside or out.

5. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Many painting companies offer a warranty for their work. You need to check what is covered under the warranty if anything goes wrong during or after the work is performed. Check whether they provide repaint services if the paint job is inferior or any damage takes place within the warranty period. ACP Painting includes an impressive 5-year warranty on all our projects!

6. Can I Get a Free Estimate?

Getting a no-obligation, free project estimate should be a very straightforward process that most reputable painting companies provide. ACP Painting offers free in-person estimates as well as hassle-free virtual estimates.

A painting estimate should include labor, time frame, materials, paint, and travel, if applicable. The detail in the estimate ensures the company understands your needs and can give an accurate prediction of costs and avoid surprise expenses.

A detailed estimate gives you a better idea of where your money is going. Make sure that the final estimate is crystal clear. You want it to say exactly what you’re paying for and how long it’s expected to take.  It’s easier to modify the paint estimate upfront before the work begins than to make changes to your agreement later. Remember, however, that price is not the bottom line. What you receive for the price is what matters; that’s value.

7. Can You Provide Examples of Past Work?

A professional painter should have a lot of experience on a wide variety of projects, with a portfolio to back them up. To ensure they can handle the job, ask for pictures and any references. A reputable painting contractor loves to show off their work and will gladly provide pictures and references of satisfied customers.

Contact the references given to understand the working style of the contractor. It would be beneficial to speak with a previous client who’s had the same type of project that you need to be done. Focus on quality rather than price.

Trust the Professionals At ACP

Hiring an experienced professional painter should save you a lot of time and money in the long run. The key is to make sure that you do your due diligence while researching different painters.

For years, ACP Painting, LLC and our team of professional painters and customer service reps have been proudly serving home and business owners. You can rest assured that you are in good hands when you hire us for all your residential or commercial painting needs. ACP prides itself on having the highest Google rating of painters in the Phoenix Valley area. We guarantee a high-quality finish every time.

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