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Family & veteran owned, ACP Painting, LLC is one of the top painting companies in Queen Creek. We believe in exceptional customer service and integrity of work. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, our skilled Queen Creek painters excel in providing the highest quality interior and exterior painting services for homeowners & business owners. We’re focused on delivering the results and the services you need, at a price you can afford.

If your home or commercial building is ready for a fresh look, call ACP Painting, LLC. to get the job done right. Our experienced team will attend to every detail and carefully work with you to exceed your expectations!

Affordable Commercial & Residential Painting In Queen Creek

As professional painters, we strive to provide the highest quality of painting services to residential and commercial clients in Queen Creek. Our team has years of experience working in developing interior and exterior painting projects that focus on affordability, quality and efficiency.

If you are in Queen Creek and need a professional painter, ACP Painting, LLC is the right choice for you. To learn more about the painting services that we offer, contact us today.

Our Process

Our Painting Process In Queen Creek
Our Painting Process In Queen Creek
Inspection And Approval By The Homeowner
Proposal Requested & Appointment Set By ACP Office
Quality Control And Inspected By Crew Leader
Quality Control And Inspected By Crew Leader
The Project Is Executed And Supervised By Job Leader
The Project Is Executed And Supervised By Job Leader
Job Is Scheduled And Details Are Reviewed By Customer Advocate
Job Is Scheduled And Details Are Reviewed By Customer Advocate
In-Person Consultation To Review Work, Followed By A Detailed Proposal By Sales Representative
In-Person Consultation To Review Work, Followed By A Detailed Proposal By Sales Representative
Proposal Requested and Appointment Set By ACP Office

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Request A Free Painting Estimate In Queen Creek

Leading Commercial Painting Services In Queen Creek

Queen Creek Commercial Interior Painting

Commercial Interior Painting

We specialize in commercial interior painting to help your business look its best!

Queen Creek Commercial Exterior Painting

Commercial Exterior Painting

A fresh coat on your building’s exterior can create a positive first impression on clients.

Queen Creek Metal Painting

Metal Painting

We specialize in painting and restoring different types of metal structures.

Painting Company In Queen Creek

Queen Creek’s Trusted Residential Painting Company

Queen Creek Interior House Painting

Interior House Painting

From your living room to your bedroom and everything in between, our Casa Grande painters can do the job.

Queen Creek Exterior House Painting Service

Exterior House Painting

Our painters deliver high-quality interior painting that will exceed your expectations!

Queen Creek Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting

We offer the best quality and service to restore or paint your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Additional Services

Stucco And Drywall Repairs And Painting In Queen Creek

Stucco & Drywall Repairs And Painting

Our painting contractors excel in repairing and repainting damaged drywall and stucco.

Color Consultation For Your Queen Creek Project

Color Consultation

If you want the paint color that’ll make your home or business look perfect, trust our expert Color Consultant.

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings In Queen Creek

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings

With the right epoxy floor coating, your property will get a unique look with enhanced protection.

Queen Creek’s Most Trusted Residential & Commercial Painting Services

Get Professional Painting Services For Your Queen Creek Home Or Business

Queen Creek Residential And Commercial Painting Services

As Queen Creek’s most trusted residential and commercial painting service, we take pride in delivering professional and reliable solutions for both homes and businesses. Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch painting services tailored to the unique needs of the Queen Creek community. Whether you’re enhancing the curb appeal of your home or revitalizing your commercial space, we offer comprehensive painting services to meet your specific requirements. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we strive to exceed expectations in every project. Experience the difference of working with a reputable and customer-focused painting service dedicated to the satisfaction of our Queen Creek clients.

Hiring An Accredited Painter

Reliable Residential & Exterior House Painters Near Queen Creek

Choosing an accredited painter is crucial as it ensures that the painters have met industry standards and possess the necessary skills and expertise. It provides a level of assurance regarding the quality of work and adherence to professional practices.

Accredited painters are likely to use high-quality materials and follow best practices, contributing to the longevity and durability of the paint job. It also reflects a commitment to ethical business practices, providing you with a trustworthy service.

Choose our services for a reliable and accredited painting experience that enhances the beauty and durability of your residential and exterior spaces in Queen Creek.

Do Your Research.
When researching professional painters, start by seeking recommendations from friends and family. Utilize online platforms and review websites to read customer testimonials and assess the reputation of potential painters. Next, verify the painter’s credentials, including licenses, insurance, and accreditation from relevant industry associations.

Once you do the preliminary research, it is recommended to request and compare quotes from multiple painters to ensure transparency in pricing and services. Lastly, schedule consultations with the potential painters to discuss your project.

Ask Questions.

During the consultations with your potential painters, consider asking about their experience, including the types of projects they specialize in and their portfolio of completed work. Inquire about the specific painting techniques and materials they recommend for your project, ensuring they align with your preferences and expectations. Additionally, discuss the estimated timeline, pricing structure, and any warranties or guarantees offered.

  • Quality
    It’s important to make sure that the Queen Creek painters you hire do quality work. Ask for references from previous clients and inquire about the types of paint and materials they use to ensure a commitment to high-quality standards. With ACP Painting, you can be sure that we will prioritize the quality of every job we do.
  • Time
    To ensure the timing meets your needs for the paint job, discuss the project timeline with the painter during the consultation. Clearly communicate any specific deadlines or time constraints you have, ensuring alignment with the painter’s availability. ACP Painting will do everything in our power to customize our job to your needs.

  • Materials.

    The materials Queen Creek Painters use should be the best. Inquire about the specific brands and types of paint the painters recommend and intend to use for your project. At ACP Painting, we strive to be transparent about the high-quality materials that we use to achieve the desired finish and durability of your painting project.

  • Inconvenience.

    Before you choose a professional painter, ask about any potential inconveniences you may experience, such as noise, fumes, or restricted access to certain areas. Discuss their plans for minimizing disruptions and maintaining a clean and organized work environment. You will find that ACP Painting does everything possible to minimize these inconveniences.

What Our Clients Say

5-Star Testimonials

They did an amazing job on my house. Tristan was very good at his job and was very professional and nice. I will definitely use them again and give my friends and family their number for any of their painting needs. Thank you very much.

Brandie A – Mesa, AZ


I had the exterior of my house painted by Lance, Israel, and Alejandro from ACP painting. They did a fantastic job. Walked the job with me each day and made sure I was happy with the work. Great group of guys to work with.

Thomas W. – Chandler, AZ


Highly Recommended Painters Providing Services In Queen Creek
Highly Recommended Painters
5-Star Rated ACP Painting Color Consultation
  • They did a remarkable job with painting my exterior home.

  • They were quick to respond to my questions, fair pricing, on time, worked hard, and cleaned up afterward.

  • This painting company goes above and beyond any expectations. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  • The team was very flexible with the project. They also provided a complimentary color consultation, which was very helpful and made the decision on color choices very easy.

They did an amazing job on my house. Tristan was very good at his job and was very professional and nice. I will definitely use them again and give my friends and family their number for any of their painting needs. Thank you very much.

Bryan Steven – Mesa, AZ


I had the exterior of my house painted by Lance, Israel, and Alejandro from ACP painting. They did a fantastic job. Walked the job with me each day and made sure I was happy with the work. Great group of guys to work with.

Thomas W. – Chandler, AZ


What Makes ACP Painting The Right Choice For Your Painting Project?

Trusted Painting Contractors For Homes & Businesses In Queen Creek

ACP Painting stands out as the right choice for your painting project in Queen Creek for several reasons! As trusted painting contractors with nearly 20 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to both residential and commercial projects. Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering high-quality craftsmanship, ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of every paint job.

We prioritize clear communication and customer satisfaction, tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of homes and businesses alike. Choose ACP Painting for a reliable and professional painting experience that enhances the beauty and value of your property.

Our Painting Services Are Accessible For Residences Of Any Size Or Architectural Design

Painting Company For Single-Family Homes And Townhouses In Queen Creek

Single-Family Homes, Townhouses & Cottages

Whether you have a single-family home, townhouse, or cottage, our skilled team is equipped to provide professional painting services tailored to the characteristics of your property.

Painting Contractors For Apartment Buildings In Queen Creek, AZ


Our skilled team is equipped to handle the unique challenges of multi-unit properties, delivering a refreshed and appealing look to enhance the overall aesthetic of your building.

Painting Company Serving Condominiums And HOAs In Queen Creek

& HOAs

Our Queen Creek painting services extend to condos and homeowners’ associations, offering professional and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of these properties.

Painting Services For Custom Homes, Estate Homes And Villas In Queen Creek, AZ

Custom Homes, Estate Homes & Villas

ACP Painting is dedicated to delivering precision and quality, ensuring a stunning and lasting finish that complements the unique features of your custom home, estate, or villa.

Commercial Painting Experts With A Proven Track Record Of Excellence

Painting Services For Office Buildings, Banks And Institutions In Queen Creek

Office Buildings, Banks & Financial Institutions

Trust us to enhance the professional interior or exterior appearance of your office building, bank or financial institution’s environment with precision and attention to detail.

Painting Services For Warehouses, Retail Spaces And Industrial Properties

Warehouses, Retail Spaces & Industrial Properties

For warehouses, retail spaces, and industrial properties, our painting services are designed to meet the specific needs of these commercial environments with efficient painting solutions.

Painting Company For Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels And Entertainment Venues

Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels & Entertainment Venues

Elevate the cleanliness and ambiance of your restaurant, cafe, hotel, or entertainment venue with a fresh paint job from our professional team, providing a welcoming atmosphere.

Painting Services For Hospitals, Clinics, School Buildings And Gyms In Queen Creek

Hospitals, Clinics, School Buildings, Gyms & More!

Our experienced team is able to provide professional painting services for diverse commercial properties, ensuring a fresh and inviting appearance tailored to your specific needs.

Call Today For An In-Person Painting Estimate, or Contact Online!

ACP Painting, LLC Should Be Your Choice

ACP Painting is your optimal choice for professional painting services. With a proven track record of reliability, quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, our experienced team is committed to transforming your residential or commercial property. Choose ACP Painting for a seamless and exceptional painting experience that enhances the beauty and durability of your space.

ACP Painting, LLC Offers Accountability


We take pride in honoring our commitments with unwavering integrity. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering on promises, ensuring transparency, reliability, and professionalism in every project. Choose us for a painting service that prioritizes honesty and commitment, providing you with a positive and trustworthy experience from start to finish.

Queen Creek Painting Company Providing Collaboration


Is at the heart of our approach, fostering a team dynamic where we work together to achieve outstanding results. Our dedicated team values communication, synergy, and shared goals, ensuring a harmonious and efficient work environment. By leveraging our collective strengths, we strive for excellence in every painting project.



We prioritize the wellbeing and success of both our employees and customers, fostering a positive and supportive environment. We believe in investing in our community, contributing to its growth and prosperity. Our commitment extends beyond our services, reflecting a dedication to creating a positive impact on the individuals and communities we serve.

FAQs About Our Queen Creek Painting Services

In general, residential properties may require repainting every 5 to 10 years, but this can vary based on the specific surfaces, exposure to elements, and maintenance. Commercial properties, particularly those with higher foot traffic or exposure to harsh weather, may need repainting every 3 to 7 years. Regular inspections of the property’s exterior and interior can help identify signs of fading, peeling, or wear, prompting timely repainting. Our Queen Creek professional painters can provide valuable assessments and recommendations based on the specific characteristics of the property and the durability of the existing paint. Contact us today to get an assessment to determine if your home or commercial space needs a fresh coat of paint.
The cost of Queen Creek commercial painting generally differs from residential painting due to various factors. Commercial projects often involve larger spaces, higher ceilings, and more intricate structures, contributing to increased labor and material costs. Commercial painters may also need specialized equipment or additional personnel to handle the scale and complexity of the project, further impacting the overall cost. However, residential painting costs can vary based on factors such as the size of the home, the number of rooms, and the desired finishes. Additionally, commercial projects might have specific requirements, such as meeting certain safety standards or working during non-business hours, which can influence the overall cost. Request a detailed quote from ACP Painting to get a better idea of the costs.
The duration for repainting your property can vary based on several factors. The size and complexity of the project, the type of surfaces being painted, and the number of coats required all influence the timeline. A single room may take a day or two, while an entire house might require several days to a couple of weeks. Exterior painting may be influenced by weather conditions, potentially extending the project timeline. Our painters are efficient and experienced and will provide you with a detailed time estimate based on a thorough assessment of your property’s needs. Additionally, regular communication with your Queen Creek painter throughout the project helps ensure that timelines are met, and any unexpected challenges are promptly addressed.
ACP Painting painters take every precaution to keep your furniture protected and safe during the painting project. They will carefully move your furniture away from the walls and cover the pieces with drop cloths or plastic sheets to shield from paint splatter. Your delicate or valuable items may be relocated to a different area altogether. Additionally, our painters use painters tape to cover edges and borders, ensuring a clean and precise job without affecting adjacent surfaces. If you have any specific concerns or items of particular importance, feel free to communicate that to our Queen Creek professional painters to ensure extra care in safeguarding your furniture. You can be confident that we are dedicated to minimizing any potential damage to your belongings and leaving your space looking refreshed without compromising the integrity of your furniture.
The decision to leave your home or property during a painting job depends on several factors. For interior painting projects, you may not necessarily need to vacate your home, especially if the work is confined to specific rooms. However, considerations such as the size of the project, the type of paint being used, and your personal preferences play a role. In some cases, homeowners choose to stay elsewhere, particularly for larger or more extensive painting projects that may involve fumes or significant disruptions. Exterior painting projects generally allow homeowners to remain inside, but there may be certain areas that need to be temporarily inaccessible. Be sure to discuss your preferences and any potential inconveniences with ACP Painting to make informed decisions about whether to stay or temporarily relocate during the painting job.
Preparing your property for our painting services is made simple as our team will handle the majority of the work. To ensure a smooth process, we recommend removing valuable items and personal belongings from the areas to be painted. Our painters will take care of covering furniture and protecting floors with drop cloths to prevent any potential paint splatter. If there are specific areas of concern or if you have preferences for certain items, feel free to communicate these details with our team. Clearing the workspaces allows our painters to efficiently complete the job without any hindrances. Trust that our professional team is dedicated to delivering a hassle-free experience, and we’ll ensure your property is left looking refreshed and vibrant.

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