Improve Your Home’s Appearance With Professional Exterior Painting

Does your commercial building need a facelift? One of the most cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of your commercial building, whether interior or exterior, is a new coat of paint. Before you get ready for a paint job, consider these tips from Maricopa commercial painters to get the best results.

Improve Your Home's Appearance With Professional Exterior Painting In Maricopa, AZ.

Commercial Interior Painting Tips

Take Time To Choose The Right Color Palette

A tasteful selection of paint colors makes all the difference for the interior of your commercial building. Not only do your paint colors set the tone for your business and impress your customers, but they also contribute to client and employee experience. You can even use your interior paint colors to reinforce brand identity or values.

A neutral color palette such as whites, soft blues, tans, or lighter shades of brown is often recommended for multi-unit office buildings or law firms. Other businesses such as retailers, beauty salons, and chiropractors can benefit from a brighter or bolder color scheme. However, it’s important not to overwhelm your clients or go too crazy with the colors. Sometimes one bold accent wall is the perfect way to make an impression.

Prepare The Painting Space

Once you’re consulted with your Gilbert painting contractor and have chosen the colors for your commercial interior paint, it’s time to get started with the preparation. You’ll want to clean and protect the interior of your building. Remove all decorations and shelving from the walls and move your furniture toward the center of the room. Covering the furniture, vents, and floors with plastic or drip cloth is the best way to avoid damage from accidental paint drips. It can be helpful to tape the edges of the floor with painter’s tape and remove any dust from the walls by washing them, so that the paint will be more durable.

Smooth Out The Walls

After your commercial space is clean and prepped, your Chander professional commercial painters will thoroughly inspect the walls for dents and bumps. Specialty tools such as a putter knife and sandpaper will be used to make sure everything is smooth.

Once everything is neat and clean, we carefully inspect the walls and fix any dents or bumps. A smooth, even surface looks better and also provides a solid base for the paint to adhere.

Always Choose To Apply a Paint Primer

It’s tempting to skip this step, but primer is crucial to an outstanding paint job. Not only does a primer provide a base to help your paint adhere better, but it functions as a barrier between the walls and new paint. This improves your paint’s durability and integrity for a perfect finish. A tinted primer may be used to cover a bright color.

Commercial Exterior Painting Tips

Just like the interior, painting the exterior of your commercial building can dramatically improve its appeal to your customers and employees.

Clean The Exterior Before Painting

It’s beneficial to pressure wash the exterior and windows of your commercial building as you prepare for your professional painters. This will help reduce the expense of both the paint job and building maintenance. Your new coat of paint will not adhere well to a surface that is dirty, dusty, or sandy.

Take Weather Into Consideration

Arizona is dependably dry, so there is little need to be concerned about rain, but other conditions such as wind or excessive heat and sun will influence the success of your commercial exterior paint job. Paint will behave differently depending upon the weather. For example, an oil-based paint will only perform and stick in temperatures between 40°- 90°F, while latex based paint has a smaller window for success between 50°- 85°F.

Follow High Safety Standards

Tempe commercial painters must comply with national safety standards and use the correct safety equipment. These requirements are followed for your protection as well as for the painters, tenants, employees, and clients who may be near your building.

Hire a Paint Contractor With the Right Equipment

Painting the exterior of a commercial building is a substantial job, and it’s crucial to hire a company who is prepared to get the job done properly. Hire a company who specializes in commercial painting and has all the right equipment available. They’ll be able to provide you with the best recommendations and optimal implementation. You’ll also want to make sure that your painting contractor is bonded, licensed, and insured, and that they are able to work with the specifications of your project.

Reliable Commercial Painting Contractor In Maricopa

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