5 Tips To Prepare Metal Before Painting

Metal is a strong, durable, and long-lasting material for a wide variety of applications, but it can be prone to rusting even in Arizona’s dry climate. Proper application of paint to a metal surface will not only cover discoloration from rust, but can also prevent further rusting from happening. Adding color with paint can also be a great way to make your metal siding look more attractive or brighten up your home. Maricopa painting contractors offer their best tips on how to paint metal and protect it from rusting.

5 Tips To Prepare Metal Before Painting In Maricopa, AZ

Getting Started With Metal Painting

A vital step in painting any kind of metal is properly preparing the surface. This will ensure quality, smoothness, and durability for your paint. Even the most advanced and professional Tempe metal painting techniques will fail if the metal surface is not adequately prepared.

Five Steps Of Metal Surface Preparation

To prepare your metal surface for paint, follow these five steps from Scottsdale local painters:

1. Clean The Surface Of The Metal Object

First, take the metal outside to a good working area that is far away from children and pets and easy to clean up. Apply mineral spirits to the metal to remove grease. This step also applies a rust-inhibitive primer layer that is vital to a good painting job. If your painted metal is already in good condition, wipe it clean with a dry cloth, de-gloss the surface of the metal with gentle sanding, and then wipe with mineral spirits so that the paint will adhere well to the surface. For persistent dirt and heavy staining, such on metal siding, pressure wash or use a wet cloth prepared with a commercial cleaning product recommended for painted metal surfaces.

2. Remove Any Peeling Paint From Your Metal Surface

If your item has old paint that is in poor condition, you’ll want to remove it with an abrasive tool such as a hand wire brush, scraper, or sandpaper. The drawback of this method is that it is labor intensive and doesn’t always yield ideal results. Gilbert professional painters recommend using power tool cleaning, which can remove old paint quickly and easily.

3. Remove Any Rust From Your Metal Surface

As you prepare to apply paint to your metal surface, take time to check carefully for rust. Paint will not adhere to rusty spots. To restore rusted areas that are mildly damaged, clean off the loose rust with a brush, sand it down, and then apply a rust inhibitive primer. These primers are sometimes known as rust converters, and they act by covering the rust spots and turning them into paintable surfaces.

4. Repair Any Small Holes Or Dents On Your Metal Surface

To do this, sand the area lightly until you get down to bare metal. Wipe the area with mineral spirits to thoroughly clean it. If the hole or dent is small, you can fill it with an epoxy-based composite. Larger holes will need more extensive repair with epoxy and fiberglass mesh. This step may be time consuming and detailed, but will yield much better results in the final product.

5. Prime The Metal Surface

It’s easy to skip priming, but it’s actually a crucial step in preparing to paint any metal surface. Maricopa commercial painters recommend choosing the right kind of primer for the application, depending upon what performance and environmental conditions you anticipate. Don’t use water-based or latex primers on metal surfaces because they can allow moisture to seep through, which will cause rust to develop on your metal surface very quickly. Rust converters or galvanized metal primers are your best options depending upon which type of metal or metal alloy you are intending to paint. Apply your primer layer immediately after cleaning the metal surface so that dust and dirt will not accumulate and create flash rust.

Apply The Metal Paint

Once your surface is properly prepared, you can begin the exciting part of the process: applying the paint! Be sure to choose the right type of paint for working with metal surfaces in an indoor or outdoor application. You’ll want to add multiple light coats with the proper brushes to prevent steaking and dripping. If your surface has been properly prepared by cleaning, sanding, repairing, and priming, you can feel good about preventing future rust. Take some time to admire the results of your hard work!

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