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A damaged wall should never be painted if it needs repair.
Neglecting that step will result in a finish that will quickly begin to peel and crack. Additionally, if the repairs are done improperly the surface will be lumpy and shoddy looking. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional like ACP Painting to do the repair.

Causes of Damage to Drywall and Stucco

There are several factors that can contribute to damages to both drywall and stucco.

  • Time plays a toll. Walls inside and outside your home will naturally deteriorate as they age.
  • Water leaks, floods or minor house fires can damage walls.
  • Weather, like excessive heat, pelting rain, even minor earthquakes can cause damage. Just one hailstorm, although rare in Arizona, can cause major damage.
  • Vibrations from nearby sources, like construction, trains, planes, and highways can rattle the house, resulting in damage.
  • Insect infestations, especially termites, can cause major damage to a home’s structure. They will tunnel tiny holes into drywall, leaving the internal material weakened and crumbling.
  • Everyday events, like moving furniture, children roughhousing, or other minor incidents can put dents and holes in the wall.
  • Newly built homes will gradually settle and shift, causing cracks to form.

Stucco is a material used on exterior walls and can be damaged by additional issues as well. Most damage is caused by excess moisture to penetrate the stucco, eventually deteriorating it.

  • Outdoor plants and vegetation, planted too closely to the house, can cause moisture wicking inside the stucco.
  • Windows that were improperly installed or sealed can allow excess moisture to seep into the stucco.
  • Subterranean stucco. If there are sections of the stucco that are below ground or even too much in contact with the ground, this can contribute to the absorption of moisture and then cause issues for the entire house.
  • Improper installation can lead to cracks developing in the stucco; for example, if the stucco wasn’t mixed properly or not allowed to properly cure. Also, if the drywall wasn’t properly attached to framing at seams, problems will result

Expert Drywall and Stucco Repair

ACP Painting has been in business since 2005, serving residential and customers in the South Phoenix metro area. We excel at painting all surfaces. We realize that proper preparation is key to a quality paint job.

That’s why we will carefully inspect your drywall and stucco during our consultation to check for any dents, gouges, cracks or holes. We will include repairs as an item in our comprehensive estimate so that you are aware of these requirements.

ACP Painting uses the finest compounds and industry-approved techniques in our repair process to create a seamless surface. We don’t cut corners; we take all steps necessary to prepare the surfaces thoroughly. We’ll allow adequate time for the final repair coating to dry and cure before proceeding.

Only then do we begin the painting process. The end result will be a smooth surface and the original damaged areas will be indistinguishable.

Expert Drywall and Stucco Repair On Residential Exterior Walls

Choose a Reliable and Reputable Contractor

ACP Painting LLC takes pride in treating all our customers with the utmost consideration. We are respectful of your time, always arriving promptly and ready to work. We do what we promise and finish what we start.

We also believe that communication is very important to keeping satisfied customers. We keep you updated on progress during all our projects and will answer all your questions. We want to exceed all your expectations.

If you need your drywall or stucco repaired and painted, call us today for a free consultation.