Are you struggling to find the perfect paint color? Do you need help coordinating with your current color scheme? Your choice of color can make or break your space, but finding the right paint color for your home can be intimidating. If you relate to the above then an Interior Color Consultation is for you!

By assessing the current undertones in your home, we can find the color that will work best. Not only do we spend time finding the right colors, we also explain why we selected those colors. Painting is typically an expensive investment. By getting your color right the first time with a Color Consultation, you won’t have wasted any time or money with costly mistakes!

Color Consultations are generally about an hour long. For interior projects, we will look at the existing furnishings, flooring, cabinets and other surfaces and work with you to determine what your goals are. We start with a wide variety of options and show you how the colors will look in multiple lighting environments and rooms.

For exterior projects we work within the parameters of the HOA if applicable. We are able to scan colors of your neighbors home if they have a color scheme you want to replicate.

Color is our passion, contact us to get started on your Color Consultation today!