Which Color Fits Better In Your Dark Kitchen

Dark kitchen cabinets add a sophisticated, bold look to any home and are an especially popular choice for people who are looking to add a dramatic feel to their kitchen. Although dark kitchen cabinets can be fun and sleek, it’s important to choose the rest of the room, including the paint color, very carefully so that the room does not feel overwhelming. The key is to add balance with the right paint color that will highlight the undertones of the cabinets or add a nice contrast that will help your dark cabinets pop out.

Take a look at these paint color ideas for kitchen with dark cabinets from your San Tan Valley local painters.

Dark Kitchen  in Arizona

Bold Paint Colors

When you want to add a playful, unique vibe to your kitchen, consider experimenting with bold color tones. A bright, saturated color can really stand out against dark cabinets and give your kitchen a very personalized look. Although many homeowners opt for a bright island base cabinet or bold countertop, consider adding the bright color to your walls for an unexpected element that will really make your kitchen fit with your own unique personality.

Because bold paint colors with dark cabinets can be a lot for one room, your Queen Creek professional painters will recommend sticking with just one or two bright shades to avoid a feeling of overwhelm in the room. Keep the rest of your kitchen, such as the countertops and backsplash tiles, neutral so that your space feels balanced. With some creative planning, a bold paint color such as terracotta, peach, canary yellow, jade, royal blue, or plum can look amazing with your dark cabinets and make your own kitchen a reflection of your own décor style.

Shade Of White

If your cabinets are a very dark brown, black, or darker wood grain, accenting your kitchen with a bright or soft white can add a cool, high contrast look that feels very chic. Kitchens that have white walls with a white backsplash often benefit from pops of color in the appliances, sink, curtains, and other accessories in the room. Another classic option is to use white as the accent color for your room while going bolder with the paint color. This type of color scheme can work extremely well if you have dark cabinets, a darker backsplash, and neutral flooring. Simple color schemes can have a dramatic impact if your paint colors from Queen Creek residential painters are carefully considered.

Warm Neutral Tones

If your kitchen has cabinets with a darker shade of stain, consider a paint color that pulls out the warm tones from the wood. This includes cherry, maple, and mahogany shades as well as some warmer shades of dark gray cabinets. Your Apache Junction painting contractors may recommend a soft white, beige, warmer grays, linen, taupe, pale yellow, or a soft blush. You can then use these same color families to add accents throughout your kitchen to pull it all together. For example, if you choose a soft blush pink for the walls, you can add in a darker rose colored rug, curtain, and other accents to add continuity and personality to your kitchen.

Cool Neutral Tones

Many people don’t have space in their homes for a dedicated guest bedroom, so they turn to a multipurpose room. This can look like a home office, crafting room, study room, or even a storage room that doubles as a guest bedroom when you have the occasional overnight visitor.

Refreshing the look of your multifunctional space with a new paint color is an effective and easy way to give your room a bright, clean feel. Choosing the right paint color can go a long way in making your room feel warm and inviting for guests when they come to visit while also being a focused, comfortable space for your home office or studying.

Classic Neutrals

Some darker cabinets have cool undertones. This includes cabinets with espresso tones, very dark browns, and shades of navy or cool grays. Cooler toned neutrals can be perfect for these types of spaces. Consider a shade of blue, lavender-gray, blue-gray, gray-beige, sage, or a cool white to match the undertones of your dark cabinets. Once you’ve chosen a lighter shade of cool neutral tone that fits with your cabinets, your entire kitchen will feel brighter and more open. Accent your space with brighter shades of your paint color to pull it all together and fit with the rest of your home.

Find The Perfect Paint Color For Your Kitchen With Darker Cabinets

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