A Helpful Guide To Choose The Best Primer For Your Project

Whether you’re painting a patio table, working with drywall, glass, or any kind of surface, you should apply a prep coat of primer to improve adherence. The paint primer also prevents peeling and decreases the number of coats to finish the job. By knowing that, you may already notice that choosing the right paint primer is indeed very important.

Read the guide below to choose the best primer for your project and get the best advice from Maricopa professional painters.

Helpful Guide To Choose The Best Primer For Your Project In Maricopa, AZ

Why Should I Use Paint Primers For My Projects?

If you want a uniform-looking paint job, then primers will be your best ally. Paint primers lay the foundation and prepare the surface to get a uniform finish. The result is a final layer of paint that gives a better adhesion of the paint, and therefore a more professional-looking finish.

Some of the main purposes of the paint primers are:

  • Ensuring a uniform paint finish.
  • Block water, grease, and smoke stains that can pass through the topcoat.
  • Enhance adhesion of the topcoat to make your paint last longer.

Many people think that they can just apply another finishing coat to cover colors that can show through. This can be true when painting dark colors over light colors, but not when the opposite happens. Painting a light color over a dark one could take more than 5 coats, and during that time many things can go wrong.

Many Maricopa painting contractors recommend using a primer to prepare your walls for painting, so consider that.

How Can I Choose The Right Primer?

Not all paint primers are the same. There are a few varieties of primers on the market depending on what surface you’re working on.

If your project includes indoors and outdoors, use interior/exterior primers. You can also use separate primers formulated for outdoors or indoors. As for interior paint primers, you have to choose one according to the surface you’re painting.

If you’re using exterior primers, make sure to choose one that protects surfaces from mold and lessens erosion.

New Wood

If your wood is new or isn’t stained, use an oil or latex-based primer. If your wood is stained or you’re painting cedar, use a stain-blocking primer (a shellac-based primer is an excellent option).

Painted Wood

For painted wood, the surface must be as clean as possible. If your paint is in good condition you may not need a primer. However, if you have exposed wood to chipped or chalking paint, use an oil-based primer.

Weathered Wood

Many Southern Phoenix Valley professional painters recommend using high-quality latex or oil-based primer for weathered wood. Scrape away as much paint as you can before priming. Once you see new wood fibers, start priming.

Composite wood

Composite wood is made not only with wood but also plastic, so you will need a specific primer that can work for both materials. An acrylic latex primer is great for this.


A latex or acrylic primer is the best option for masonry surfaces. If you’re repainting the surface, don’t forget to scrape off any peeling paint before priming.


For drywall, you should use a latex-based primer. Do not use an oil-based one because it can pull up the grain and give it a bumpy look.

Aluminum & Galvanized Steel

For rusty surfaces, remove the rust and apply an oil or latex-based primer, but make sure it is also corrosion-resistant. If the surface is new, you can apply only high-quality latex paint.

Shiny Surfaces

Acrylic bonding primers are great to prepare shiny surfaces like glass, melamine, ceramics, lacquers, and many more. Use these primers only for interior surfaces as they can crack when exposed to certain elements.

Chalky Surfaces

Some of the best Southern Phoenix Valley house painters recommend using a water-based primer on powdery, porous, or chalky surfaces. Remember that it is not like the other primers as you use it as a paint additive.

What Are The Paint-&-Primer-In-One Applications?

It’s not the same mixing paint and primer as using paint-and-primer-in-one formulations. These formulations are the best for the following cases:

  • Painted surfaces that aren’t shiny.
  • Fragmented areas covered in spackling products.
  • Transitioning between different colors.
  • Repainting interior surfaces that are in perfect condition.
  • Repainting windows, cabinets, trim, and doors.
  • Repainting uncoated drywall.
  • Painted metal in great condition.

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