Essential Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Professional Interior Paint Job

If you’re not a fan of DIY painting for your home, then you may have already started looking for Maricopa professional painters. Luckily, you can find reliable options right away, but finding a painting contractor is only the first step towards finishing your home painting project. You also have to prepare your space to simplify the job for the painters.

Preparation is an important factor to save time and money, so take note of these steps to ensure a successful painting process.

Essential Tips To Prepare Your Home For a Professional Interior Paint Job In Maricopa, AZ

Move & Protect Your Furniture For a Better Painting

Remove small hard furniture like coffee tables or light stands from a room prepared for painting. It may be difficult to remove large furniture like sofas, beds, and chairs because they need bigger storage space. In the meantime, you can move big furniture to the center of the room to avoid staining. By doing this, the painter can maneuver well while working and avoid any risk of damage.

Finally, remember to cover your furniture with an old sheet or piece of clothing.

Move & Cover Electronic Devices & Appliances

You should also remove and cover electronic devices like television, gaming system, stove, refrigerator, etc. These items are expensive and they can get defaced by paint.

Cover these items with old sheets as well. If you don’t have enough clothing or old sheets to cover them, don’t worry, many Maricopa painting contractors will probably have some.

Keep in mind that paint can splatter even when these items are covered, which is why you should move them to another room.

Remove Wall Hangings & Decorative Items

Carefully remove all paintings, mirrors, picture frames, and other decorative items that can obstruct a house painter while painting the walls. You can cover them with bubble wrap to protect them from breaking. Store these items in marked boxes to put them back where they belong once the job is done.

Try to relocate them to another room to avoid any damage. Remember that leaving them covered in the center of the room may not be enough. The paint can splatter even in this case (for example, when painting the roof), so be sure to protect them well by leaving them in another place in the meantime.

Protect Your Soft Furnishings

Remove and store away soft furnishings like mats and rugs. Curtains, blinds, and drapes should also be removed. For better protection, you can roll up these items and cover them with plastic. Besides, removing soft furniture is the best way to clean your room and walls in preparation for painting.

Put Away Knick-Knack Items Until The Paint Has Dried

Southern Phoenix Valley house painters will protect your furniture with a drop cloth before the work gets started, but knick-knack items can still be an issue, which is why you can simply put them on a shelf. As soon as you finish clearing the walls, remember to put away mementos or small decorative items you have on display to ensure great work for the house painter.

Store them away before the painters arrive, and put them back out only after the paint has dried.

Prepare & Clean The Walls

It may be easy to think that you don’t have to clean your walls if they’re getting a fresh coat of pain, but for your information, cleaning your walls before painting helps a lot! It makes a big difference.

Stains and dust can build up on the walls, even if you don’t see them. If you don’t clean them properly, they will remain on the wall permanently, even after the painting is done.

Use a long handle broom or a small vacuum to dust and also remove from walls. You can also use detergent and water to wipe away remaining stains. Do this a few days in advance to allow the walls to dry before the Gilbert house painters arrive.

Empty The Area Of All The Spaces Being Painted

You may have restricted time to use the spaces being painted. You may need to vacate the area. Plan well to make sure there are no issues, as you will probably need to take some basic things to the place you’re staying in the meantime.

If the entire house is being painted, it may be a good idea to take a mini-vacation, especially if you have kids, as they should not inhale paint fumes.

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