8 Tips To Choose The Perfect Exterior Paint

Choosing a paint color for the outside of your home can range from difficult to terrifying. If you choose something boring, your house may seem featureless and lacking in personality, but overly bold colors can be overwhelming and may even upset the neighbors. But if you get the color just right, you’ll get to enjoy the substantial rewards of an attractive home with plenty of curb appeal. So how do you find the magical color combination for your home? Consider these tips from Maricopa external house painters as you select a fresh color for your Arizona home!

8 Tips To Choose The Perfect Exterior Paint in Arizona Make Use Of Color Families

Contrasting colors will draw attention to the architectural detail of your home, but if they are too extreme, they may clash. Choose a single color family that appeals to you, such as blues or browns, and then select lighter and darker shades of the same hue for different areas of your home’s exterior for a coordinated, classy look.

Add Size With Light

Lighter colors make a building look larger, so you can use shades of white or cream to increase your home’s appearance. Darker shades within the same color family can be used for detail areas in order to emphasize shadowing and make your home’s color feel coherent.

Add Drama With Dark

While darker colors will make your home appear smaller, they will also draw attention to details. Accent recessed areas, such as window sashes, with darker shades and highlight details with lighter hues. Large surfaces will make your paint color look lighter, so take some time to examine samples before Maricopa painting contractors finish the job.

Borrow From Nature

Consider the natural colors of the landscape around your home. For example, shades of desert browns, clay, and reds are excellent choices for Arizona homes, while homes in wooded areas will shine with a palette of greens and darker browns. Coordinate with the plants that bloom or grow in your home’s front yard and be sure to consider how the colors may change with the sun’s patterns at different times of the day, because the natural lighting from the sun will also affect the way your home’s exterior color is perceived.

Examine More Permanent Features

Some of your home’s coloring is already established, such as the roof, chimney, or driveway. You’ll want your paint color to coordinate or harmonize with the colors of your brick paver driveway, your shingle roof, or cobblestone chimney. It’s much easier and less expensive to make your house match the existing features with Maricopa residential painters than to try to change out your roof to match. Unintentionally overlooking permanent features in your home can lead to a paint color that looks hasty or unplanned, and you’ll probably be disappointed with the results.

Consider Your Neighbors

Many neighborhoods have HOA requirements that dictate acceptable exterior paint colors. This can help you narrow down a color and make sure your home fits into its surroundings. If you don’t have HOA requirements to follow, take a look at the homes near yours. You might get some paint color family ideas that fit well with surrounding homes and find a color that will blend, complement, or contrast with the homes nearby, although you don’t want to copy any of your neighbors. It’s likely that your neighbors will be unhappy if you choose a very bold color that doesn’t blend well with the neighborhood.

Check For Details

Add character and interest to your home’s exterior when Maricopa local painters work with two, three, or more colors. Beyond your home’s siding, consider what color to paint accents such as shutters, moldings, window sashes, columns, and porch railings. While too many colors will feel overwhelming, choosing just one color can make your home look dull and uninteresting. Your home’s style also comes into play: if you have a one story rambler, you’ll probably want to go with just two colors, while an ornate Victorian style house can handle as many as five or even six carefully planned colors.

Reflect Your Personality

Whatever you choose, make sure that you like how it looks and that it matches your personality and decorating style. However, paint is just paint, and can be easily changed in the future if you end up changing your mind later. Take your time to go through the paint selection process with Maricopa house painters. Be creative and have fun! 

Exterior Home Painting In Maricopa

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