How To Combine Paint Colors & Create A Unique Room For Your House

You’ve renovated your house, fixed structural damage, bought necessary items, and changed old doors. But if something’s still missing, it may be color—the home designer’s secret weapon.

Colors can do miracles in any house. They can make a nice contrast to enhance some features, or improve a room’s environment. Depending on your preferences, you can choose more than one color to create the best ambient for your house.

The trick is finding out how to pick paint colors and where to put them. Our Maricopa painting contractors will tell us the crucial tips to acknowledge this information. 

How To Combine Paint Colors & Create A Unique Room For Your House

Choose Colors Carefully

If you think color combinations only work when they are from the same color family, think again. Contrasting combinations can also enhance your home design because they draw the eye immediately. You can use these combinations to spotlight certain features in a room, like moldings around doors and windows, or decor. Softer combinations are just as effective if you prefer a minimalist style. 

When choosing paint colors, think about the right rations before applying them to any space. You don’t want the space to look like a patchwork bedcover. The formula of 70% of a single color for the walls, 20% for trim, and 10% for an accent color never fails.

If you want to use two colors on the same wall, paint the lower portion of the wall in a darker tone. Darker colors on the lower area of a wall ground the space, while lighter shades at the top make the space look bigger. 

Color Strategy Is Key

We suggest creating a strategy to use two paint colors in one room. Most Chandler house painters can help you with this strategy, but only with technical support. If you prefer a delicate perspective, you must contact a home designer. 

Once again, the colors do not have to come from the same family. 

If you want to highlight a wall to enhance unique features, choose a different color for this area. It will be the first thing your eyes will see when you enter the toom, be careful when selecting the tone.

Colors can also enhance a large piece of furniture, such as a library, a bed, or a sofa. You must be mindful of the paint colors you use to make these pieces the center of attention.

Don’t forget to give some love to your doors and trims. Painting casings, baseboards, and doors give your house a high-style vibe. 

Finishes are crucial too. Use washable matte for the walls and ceilings, and satin finishes for trim and doors. This contrast will make a difference in your house.

It’s difficult to obtain matte or satin finishes without the proper tools. This is a task you shouldn’t try to DIY. You may try to do it as a DIY project, but the result may not be what you expect. Your Gilbert house painters can help you obtain the result you deserve.

What Effect Do You Want To Achieve?

Lighter colors make the room feel bigger, while darker tones make the room feel smaller and cozier. If you use shades from the same color family, you create an immersive effect. If you want to try neutral options, paint the bottom half of the wall a dark beige or gray and the top half a cooler tone. 

Try playing with opposites of the color wheel too. For example, green and pink, especially if you want to create unexpected combinations. 

When choosing two colors for one room, you must select one that is a clear or more neutral color, so it does not fight with the accent color. Remember, balance is key.

Where Can I Find Maricopa House Painters?

With these tips in mind, you will create a beautiful environment at home by choosing the best paint colors. However, you still need help with a professional painting, and ACP Painting can help with that. ACP Painting is a top-rated painting company with over 15 years of experience. We offer interior and exterior house painting, as well as cabinet painting. Check our website to learn more about our services! 


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