Everything You Need To Know About Low VOC Paint

Eco-friendly products are gaining popularity because many people are becoming more conscious about the environment and their health. One of these sustainable products is the low VOC paint that many brands adopted recently. 

But for some homeowners, it may be confusing as they may not know what low VOC paint is. Is low VOC paint a better option than traditional paint? 

Some Maricopa professional painters can help you understand the difference between traditional and Low-VOC paint. But, to simplify your research, we have created this brief guide. Here is everything you need to know about low VOC paint and why it is preferred. 


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What Is VOC Paint?

VOC is the acronym for Volatile Organic Compound. It is a substance you can find in building materials, including paints. 

This compound is what helps traditional paints dry well without streaking. It also improves the quality of coating applications. However, the use of VOCs has a downside, especially for the environment.

VOCs release harmful gases that can lead to health and environmental damage. That’s why many people recommend being careful when painting a wall. That powerful paint smell usually indicates that VOCs are present, so the air quality will decrease (the same air you’re breathing).

Since many people are looking for products with less impact on the environment and their health, professional painters and contractors are using other alternatives that meet those requirements without risking quality and performance. 

 That’s when low VOC paint appears. This type of paint is the preferred paint option for many professionals. 

Getting To Know the Low VOC Paint

Both homeowners and professional painters in Southern Phoenix Valley are using low VOC paint to complete painting projects efficiently and safely. As the name implies, low VOC paint has less VOC compared to traditional paints. Therefore, it doesn’t smell that strong, and it gives off less harmful gas. 

The only downside is that, due to fewer VOCs, this paint tends to dry quicker. As a result, you could end up with a rougher surface because the paint has less time to “flow out”.

There’s a way to avoid this outcome, and that is to modify the application method slightly. 

Continue reading below to see some tips and tricks when using low or Zero VOC paint.

How To Use Low VOC Paint

As mentioned before, Low VOC paint doesn’t have the same drying property as regular paints. That’s why you should know the best techniques and tools to use when using it.

 These are our tips: 

  • Stir the low or zero VOC paint well before applying the first coat.
  • Use synthetic rollers to get a more uniform appearance. 
  • Replace worn roller sleeves regularly to maintain a consistent appearance.
  • You have to work quickly when using low VOC paint. After applying 2 to 3 full drops of paint, a “backroll” is necessary to maintain a smooth finish. Contact Gilbert painting contractors if you think you won’t do a good job with low VOC paints. 
  • Synthetic bristle brushes are great for water-based and latex low VOC paints, while natural bristle brushes are best for oil-based low VOC paints. 
  • The “spread rate” for low VOC paint is usually up to 16sqm per liter. However, this coverage is lower on absorbent surfaces.
  • You can touch dry in 30 minutes and recoat in 2 hours at 25°C. If the room is more humid or cooler, then wait 4 hours instead of 2.
  • You can use a humidifier in the room to slow down the dry time of low VOC paint if you are in a warm and dry area. 

By following these recommendations, you will be able to use low VOC successfully for a perfect finish, and at the same time, you will preserve your health and the environment. 

Why Is Low VOC Paint Better?

VOCs affect the indoor air quality and people’s health in the affected area. This is especially concerning when painting hospitals or children’s bedrooms.

That’s why low VOC paint is usually a good option. It is indeed a great alternative for more sensitive areas like schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and family homes. 

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