There is much need for metal painting in Tempe, Arizona. Metal performs well in the hot dry climate, so many structures are made from it. Metal must be painted periodically to protect it from rust and corrosion.

ACP Painting, LLC has painted metal structures, like view fences, bridges, overpasses, railings, water towers, and the like. We have also done sandblasting and refinishing for metal bridges.

Our clients in Tempe include Homeowners’ Association trustees, homeowners themselves, government officials, property managers, construction companies and commercial landscapers.

Painting Metal Is a Special Skill

Not all professional painters in Tempe are skilled at painting metal. It requires a specialized process that is different than painting more porous surfaces.

As with most painting projects, preparation is still the most important step in painting metal. Before even beginning the actual painting process, there are several steps that are critical to the quality of the finish.

  • Use the right products to clean the metal surface of grease and grime buildup.
  • Sand down the surface of glossy metal finishes, as well as to remove flaking paint and rust spots. Extreme cases will need to be sandblasted.
  • Apply industrial grade metal primer appropriate for the type of metal. This protects the metal surface so it will last longer.

ACP Painting uses an airless sprayer to paint all metal structures in Tempe. The paint we use is specifically made for metal structures to protect them from the weather. The finish is smooth and attractive, while also being visually appealing.

Painting bridges, pedestrian walkways and overpasses has its own special challenges. During the paint project, most bridges remain open to traffic. This requires traffic control and employing extra safety precautions to avoid injuries and accidents.

ACP Painting for All Your Tempe Painting Needs

ACP Painting, LLC has been painting Tempe residential and commercial properties since 2005. Whether you have a custom home, commercial property, or industrial project, ACP is the right choice for you! We work with homeowners, as well as business owners, property managers, HOAs, local government, and general contractors.

ACP paints homes and commercial properties, both inside and out. That includes siding, drywall, trim and other surfaces. We repair drywall and stucco before painting. Professional cabinet painting is also our specialty.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to the customer. We know your time is valuable. That’s why we are always on time and ready to work a full day.

ACP provides free consultations and detailed, comprehensive estimates for all your painting needs. We can even do a virtual estimate with photos and videos that you send. We offer color consultations to guide you in your design choices.

We pride ourselves in our reliability and punctuality. We will arrive on time for the scheduled estimate and provide a timely bid to you within 24 hours. Upon accepting the bid, set a start date that works best for you.

During the project, our crew will be there as scheduled and agreed-upon in the contract. The project manager and crew leader will communicate with you regularly to provide status, report any problems or delays, or answer your questions.

Don’t settle for less than the best in Tempe. Contact ACP Painting, LLC today to schedule your free consultation.