How To Choose The Perfect Cabinet Color To Match Your Kitchen’s Walls

Picking a kitchen cabinet color is already challenging, but choosing two different colors to create the perfect environment can exasperate anyone. Luckily for you, our Ahwatukee painting services can help with five expert tips you don’t want to miss.

Do you want a clean and uncluttered kitchen? Do you prefer an elegant and simple kitchen with a pop of color? Whether you want a new wall color or colorful accents, you’ll want to check these tips before starting your home decor.

How To Choose The Perfect Cabinet Color To Match Your Kitchen’s Walls a in Maricopa, AZ house’s interior

1. Go For Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are those across from each other on the color wheel. Think about two colors that appear both brighter and cleaner than a neutral color scheme. That’s how a complementary color scheme works!

Do you have wood or brown cabinets? You may want walls with opposite colors from brown. These tones include many shades of green and blue, such as teal, light blue, medium blue, turquoise, and soft gray.

If you have darker wood cabinets with a slightly reddish tone, go for green walls to complement them. For mahogany or ebony cabinets, choose a lighter paint color for your walls to brighten the kitchen area (ivory, beige, icy blue, and pale yellow work well). 

2. You Can Also Go For Harmonized Colors

You could also opt for harmonizing colors if you don’t want a contrasting color scheme. Before painting your wall with Casa Grande painting contractors, choose the best color scheme for your taste.

Think of your kitchen as a whole, and choose a wall color that brings the entire kitchen area together. That’s how harmonizing colors work. 

You may realize that your ideal shade of wall paint can match the grain in the kitchen cabinets, or you prefer muted colors to accent the cabinets and draw attention. Light gray, soft yellow, salmon, and ivory are good options to draw attention to the cabinets. 

White cabinetry can pair well with many wall colors, including yellow, beige, or salmon. You can go for a dove and white combo if you want an all-white kitchen with a bit of color, or you can choose cobalt and white to make a classic yet vibrant statement. 

3. Get Inspired

Before choosing a color scheme, find inspiration! 

Social media can be a great space to look for inspiration. You can actively search for it with sites like Pinterest and Instagram. 

Pinterest is the perfect place to get inspired because it offers hundreds of home design pictures you can pin to your mood board for your kitchen.

Beyond Pinterest and Instagram, you can also read home design magazines to find more ideas for your color scheme. 

Before calling your San Tan Valley house painters, prepare your color scheme to get your perfect kitchen!

4. When In Doubt, Stick To Neutrals

Unless you want to make an accent in your kitchen, stick to neutral tones. Bold wall colors pair well with neutral cabinetry, but if you don’t know how to combine this, stay with neutral tones.

You may think neutral colors are basic tones like gray or brown, but the home decor is more than that! It refers to light or medium colors that match well with most colors. 

Neutrals can be warm or cool. Plus, they come in different undertones, including gray and green.

Cool neutrals have green or blue undertones, while warm neutrals have orange, red, brown, or yellow undertones. Before choosing a neutral shade, decide if you prefer it cool or warm. 

5. Use Testers Anytime You Can!

Whether choosing your kitchen cabinet finish or your wall color, use testers! Testers are the best way to select the right wall color and cabinetry to match your ideal color scheme. 

You can get testers in a few different colors or shades to get a better idea of what your cabinetry or walls will look like. Keep in mind that some Mesa house painters can help you find samples depending on the project.

Place the testers in the area at different times of the day to see how the light affects the scheme. 

Leave the test samples up for a week to get a good idea of what color looks like at different times of the day. 

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