Getting The Perfect Accent Wall Color For Your Living Room

Choosing an accent wall color is not as easy as many people think. You must know your color scheme, the vibe you want for the room, and even how the lighting works during the day. It can be challenging to shorten all your options by only looking at what works.

Fortunately, our San Tan Valley painting contractors can help you simplify this work. This article will explain five mistakes you can avoid when choosing an accent color for the living room. Take note of them to turn your living room into your relaxing paradise!

Getting the best color for my accent wall in my living room in Arizona

Do Not Choose Two Accent Walls

As the name implies, an accent wall stands out the space in the living room. Its whole point is to pop out, but for it to work, it should stand alone. The stand-out effect disappears if you choose two accent walls.

Two accent walls eradicate the definition a single accent wall should offer. Painting two walls with vibrant or accent colors will confuse the eye and lessen the impact you are looking for. In other words, both walls will draw attention and change the entire effect of the living room.

Living room accent walls should add an illusion of drama and energy to a room. They help tie a room together by being a statement of your style. You won’t provide that drama effect if you paint two accent walls. You may even run the risk of shrinking the living room!

Pick Your Colors Wisely

Even if you are not painting the walls because you prefer Queen Creek professional painters, you must know first the right color for your accent wall.

Accent walls shouldn’t match the other wall colors in the living room. You must choose your accent wall according to the furniture and other decor items included in the space. With this idea in mind, your accent wall will tie the entire living room together and give you the chance to combine or contrast other objects.

You should not match your accent walls to other walls as it may destroy the drama effect and make your decor boring. Worse yet, it can offer little contrast and make your entire living room too uniform. A less dramatic feel means a more boring effect, and you probably don’t want that with an accent wall.

Do Not Exaggerate The Effect

It may be confusing to choose an accent wall because it should be dramatic but not exaggerated. It may sound similar, but it’s not the same at all.

Accent walls should be unique, but it is easy to go too far and select a color that doesn’t work with the color scheme of your space. Avoid choosing a wall color just because it seems fun or exciting. That could make your room unpleasant.

Before calling a Mesa painting company, select a color that will put your entire room together. Don’t choose wall colors based only on how bold they look. Choose them based on whether they will work with the other colors in the room, including the colors in your decor items like rugs or pillows.

Remember The Effects Of Lighting

Natural and artificial light plays a crucial role in how colors interact. You must know how wall colors will look in every type of lighting, from sunrise to sunset, from natural light at noon to artificial light at midnight.

Intense natural light usually makes darker colors look brighter, but at the same time, it makes brighter colors look uninspiring and dull.

Artificial light also makes a big difference with accent walls in a living room. When working with artificial light, choose different types of light bulbs to know which one works better with your accent wall. Light bulbs are rated according to the intensity and undertone. It’s not the same cool and intense artificial light as warm and soft artificial light.

Work With Maricopa Professional Painters For Better Results

If you want more advice on how to choose the best living room accent wall colors, ACP Painting is more than happy to help. Our team offers color consultations to help you choose the right colors for your accent walls. We’ll advise you on the latest techniques and trends to refresh the look of your home. Contact us for more information!


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