Outdoor metal structures are common in Arizona because of their durability in the dry heat. These include view fences, gates, water towers, overpasses, walkways, and bridges. Painting metal requires special techniques and materials to get the highest quality finish.

Homeowners Associations have oversight of their neighborhood’s common ground. Since many Arizona communities have metal view fences and gates, the HOA is responsible for making sure they are maintained. Getting them repainted regularly is part of that maintenance. Hiring the right contractor is a decision they will have to make.

Prep Is Key to a Smooth Metal Finish

As with most painting, preparation is a very important factor in getting a durable and high-quality finish with metal structures. If any steps are ignored, the outcome will be less than desirable. rusty fence

Steps for Preparing Metal Before Painting

  • Clean all built-up grease and grime using the proper products. If the metal surface has a glossy finish, it needs to be sanded.
  • Remove loose paint and rust. The procedure for this step largely depends on the condition of the structure. If the rust and flaking paint are moderate, using a sander, scraper or wire brush is sufficient. In severe circumstances, it may be necessary to sandblast the surface.
  • Wash down the surface to remove all grit and particles from the sanding process.
  • Prime the surface using industrial grade metal primer, made specifically for the type of metal to be painted. This should be done immediately after cleaning, or the surface will begin accumulating dust and dirt. This step seals the metal from moisture. If neglected, the paint will not adhere properly.

Using the Proper Paint

Only after all preparation steps are successfully completed, can the painting begin. Specific types of paint are best for the best results on metal. The paint should be an industrial-grade that is specific for metal to protect it from weather and other elements outdoors.

Choosing an Experienced Metal Painting Contractor

HOAs should be careful in hiring a painter to paint their metal view fences and gates. A painting contractor who is not knowledgeable or trained in the proper procedures for painting metal will probably do an inferior job.

ACP Painting, LLC has over 15 years of experience painting metal structures. Their technicians are trained in the proper procedures to get the best results.

As Russ Byers, co-owner of ACP Painting states, “Quality metal refinishing comes down to proper, thorough prep and high quality of products used. The right process can last for many years while the wrong prep or products may fail in a short time, becoming a costly and embarrassing mistake for the HOA. Choosing a contractor with proven experience in this specialty is the key to the HOA’s success.”

ACP Painting uses industrial-grade water-based alkyd urethane enamel paint. This paint is ideal for metal structures that get a lot of use and are exposed to the elements. It is extremely durable, yet aesthetically pleasing. It also meets the most stringent VOC regulations. They apply the paint by airless spray using low-pressure tips to ensure even and thorough coverage.

About ACP Painting

ACP Painting has been in business since 2005, serving the Phoenix area. They provide commercial and residential painting, both interior and exterior, as well as cabinet painting, drywall/stucco repair and painting, and metal painting.

ACP has three core values that they use to make any decision in their company.

  1. Accountability – Honoring commitments and delivering them with integrity
  2. Collaboration – Working together to achieve more
  3. Preservation – Caring about the wellbeing and success of employees and customers and investing in the community