24 Feb

4 Criteria for Painting Steel Bridges and Other Metal Structures

2023-09-14T15:27:18+00:00February 24, 2021|Metal Painting|

Steel is the most commonly used metal in exterior structures. It is chosen for its strength, low cost, and ease of manipulation. Besides bridges, steel is used in other metal structures such as railings, beams, overpasses, fences, and more.Unfortunately, [...]

29 Apr

HOAs: Get Your Metal View Fences Professionally Painted

2023-09-14T15:27:42+00:00April 29, 2020|Articles, Metal Painting|

Outdoor metal structures are common in Arizona because of their durability in the dry heat. These include view fences, gates, water towers, overpasses, walkways, and bridges. Painting metal requires special techniques and materials to get the highest quality finish. [...]

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