Top Tips For Commercial Painting

Choosing the right paint for your home is a pretty straightforward process. You might need to think about a few key things. But in general, you can go to your local hardware store, pick out a color and start painting. 

However, when it comes to painting commercial buildings, it becomes much more complicated. Choosing the right paint for a business involves many other factors and decisions that can affect your business if you don’t handle them seamlessly.

It can be a daunting task to consider the best paint for your business. Our San Tan Valley professional painters created this brief guide to know exactly what to choose when painting your business.

Top Tips For Commercial Painting In Your Business in Arizona

The Basics Come First

Here are some things to consider as you weigh your alternatives.

Surface area: Arguably the most significant figure to begin with. Paint manufacturers will advise you on how many gallons of paint you will need to cover the area you want to paint. Knowing this will help you determine the scope and expense of the project.

Paint Types: Do you need latex or a satin finish? Do you want an enameled, glossy finish? Having a clear understanding of the paint kind will also help you choose the right one.

Color depth: Richer, deeper colors and tones demand more covering. It is an important issue for exterior commercial paint because exposure and reaction to weather conditions can affect the final color.

Durability and cleaning simplicity: You should consider simple paint kinds to clean and disinfect if your project is in healthcare, childcare, or educational facility. Additionally, you want your paint to endure repeated cleanings with little deterioration.

Air quality: Some paint finishes emit vapors that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It normally doesn’t affect the air quality during outside painting operations, but our trusted  Queen Creek professional painters claim that it does during interior painting work. When painting in occupied spaces, look for low- or no-VOC paints.

Consider Surfaces

The next crucial step in selecting the proper paint is the surface. No matter what surface you’re painting and what kind of paint you decide to use, you shouldn’t forget to put a coat of primer first. The primer enhances the paint’s capacity to stick to surfaces, hide spots, and forge a durable barrier.

The following list shows the most typical paint kinds and formulations used for commercial painting projects, along with the surfaces they work best on:

Water-Based Paints

Acrylic and latex paints are both water-based and frequently used for indoor work. It is a fantastic option for painting office buildings and businesses that can’t afford to entirely close their doors because it dries rapidly and doesn’t need sunlight to dry. Low-VOC, eco-friendly paints are also made of water.

Oil-Based Paints

Although still popular, oil-based paints are viewed as a “luxury” option. It is more resilient than water-based paint, and many people prefer it for its stylish and aesthetically pleasing gloss. Oil-based paint is best for places with high traffic, but it’s more complicated to clean up.

Mesa professional painters recommend oil-based paints only in certain circumstances.

Concrete & Floor

For flooring and concrete surfaces, there are specialized paints and coatings. They are long-lasting, adaptable, and contribute to worker safety. In warehouses and industrial buildings, floor painting and concrete finishing are used to enhance a property’s appearance or add safety regulations.

The appearance of your painted surfaces after finishing will also influence your decision. Commercial paint finishes fall into five primary categories: matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. These finishes range from flat to glossy. 

You can always contact your business paint contractor for a professional opinion that fits the demand of your job. 

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