Finding The Ideal Color Scheme For Your Home

The right color scheme can quickly transform a plain room into a breathtaking place, but choosing it is often challenging. It’s not as easy as selecting your favorite colors and paint, it’s much more than that.

Creating that dreamy color scheme takes research and also time. That’s why we decided to bring you this definite guide and simplify the process. Once you understand this information, all you will have to do is contact your trusted Maricopa professional painters and get down to work! 

Finding the ideal color scheme in Arizona Step 1: Understanding The Psychology Of Color

Colors can make us feel happy, energized, calm, or sad. They act the same way in a room, making it seem small, cozy, or relaxing. That’s why it is important to choose colors and shades that fit your style or your family vibes. 

Here’s a brief guide of what emotions each color represents: 

  • White: It represents youth and cleanliness. It’s the perfect color for minimalist styles. The warmer the shade, the cozier the feeling, while on the other side, a cooler shade of white means more formal vibes.
  • Black: It’s the color of elegance, power, and mystery. You can choose this color for sophisticated rooms but do it wisely as it can overload a space.
  • Red: It is one of the most stimulating and vibrant colors in any palette. It represents energy, passion, courage, and excitement. 
  • Brown: Since this color represents earth, it also evokes safety, comfort, and simplicity. 
  • Blue: It represents the sky and heaven, so it evokes a calm effect in a room. It is also one of the most popular colors when choosing a color scheme. Many Maricopa residential painters recommend using it for bedrooms. 
  • Green: This is the color of nature, so it has a relaxing feeling. It works similar to blue shades, with the difference that green also evokes balance, harmony, and joy.
  • Yellow: It’s the color of summer, so it represents happiness, optimism, and energy.
  • Orange: This color symbolizes warmth, balance, vibrancy, and attention. It stimulates the appetite, so it goes well in a kitchen area. 
  • Purple: This color evokes luxury and wealth. It is considered the color of royalty, but it can also evoke imagination and creativity. 
  • Pink: This color represents tenderness, romanticises, and innocence. It works very well in bedrooms. 
  • Silver: It’s the color of prosperity and money, so it can create the feeling of richness in any room. 
  • Gray: It’s another color that represents elegance, but with a lighter feeling than black. It’s also the color of intelligence and discipline. 

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Step 2: Researching About Design Ideas

Read decorating magazines and books to get better ideas and simplify your color palette selection. Your closet is another great place where you can find inspiration. What colors are more common in your wardrobe? Do you use mostly quieter or darker shades? These questions can be helpful. 

Before contacting house painters in Maricopa, be sure of choosing the right color scheme. When researching your design ideas and thinking about colors, remember that your scheme should consist of three colors: a light, medium and dark tone. These colors will be the foundation of your project.

Lighter colors usually work well as a background, while darker colors work for the walls and ceiling.

To be sure you’re choosing the right tones, check how the colors you selected look in both natural and artificial light during day and nighttime. 

Step 3: Selecting The Right Color Scheme

There are three types of color schemes, so be sure to choose one that fits your needs and preferences. 

  • Monochromatic: This type of color scheme uses tones and shades of the same color to create a simple yet elegant appearance. Colors from the same family usually look amazing together.
  • Analogous: The analogous home color schemes are based on choosing colors next to each other on the color wheel. It offers more variety while keeping the finesse of a monochromatic scheme. With this scheme, one color is dominant and the others enrich the effect.
  • Complementary: A complementary color scheme is based on colors opposite each other on the color wheel. Many Maricopa painting contractors suggest using this color scheme to add drama to any room in the house. Besides, this type of color scheme enhances the temperature of each color, which adds interesting energy to the home decor. 

With a Monochromatic scheme, you can choose neutral colors and apply different shades of these colors to elements in the room. This approach permits you to change the accents and accessories more easily. 

If you prefer analogous schemes with relaxing effects, choose a palette composed of related colors, for example, rose and peach or blue and green. 

As for complementary schemes, we recommend using a warm color with a cool shade or adding contrasting items to highlight colors on different walls of the house.

Step 4: Let’s Start Painting With Maricopa Professional Painters!

Now that you have better knowledge about color schemes, it’s time to start the project! However, we do not recommend just jumping into a painting. There’s more to do when choosing colors, which is why we suggest continuing to read other guides we created about it. Besides, it’s always best to contact professional painters for projects like these, and ACP painting can be your best choice! Contact us now to request an estimate and enjoy our top-rated service.

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