Matching Your Furniture With Your New Paint Color

It can be challenging to choose the right wall color sometimes. You have to consider many things while choosing it, especially when you want to refresh your room and take it to the next level. One of the most important things to consider is matching your existing furniture to the paint you select.

If you don’t want to change your furniture just to match your new paint color, then be prepared to take notes of the following tips. With these tips in mind, you will pick the right paint to complement your furniture and give your room a new look with the help of Maricopa professional painters

Finding the bests best furniture and paint color combinations in Arizona What Are The Best Furniture & Paint Color Combinations?

Remember that different colors have different psychological effects. For example, blue helps you relax, while red may excite you more. Knowing your preferences will help you choose colors that work best in your case. 

For Blue Paint: Mustard, Gold, White, or Green Furniture

Choosing blue paint is smart when complimenting brightly colored or off-white furniture. Blue offers a calm background to enhance the colored furniture. By choosing this combination, the furniture colores will catch the eye easier. 

If your furniture has a great story behind it (for example, it is an heirloom in your family), then choose blue paint to make it outstanding. Blue is a passive color, so it allows your items to stand out. 

For Green Paint: Gray, Pink, Brown, and Red Furniture

Green is the color of peace, so it soothes the eyes. It evokes relaxation, so it can offset the aggressive pattern on any piece of furniture you have. Some house painters in Maricopa recommend using green to enhance furniture with a boho-chic vibe. 

Green is also an excellent color to blend with red and pink. You may not have many pieces in these colors, but even a small one can look good against a green color wall. Otherwise, it may look out of place.

Lighter shades of green are perfect for bedrooms because they can slow you down while preparing for bedtime. 

For Gray Paint: Furniture With Vivid Colors or Off-White

The main benefit of gray paint is its neutrality. It fits with just about any color of the furniture. You can have brown, red, or white of any shade and that’s ok if you have gray walls because it will blend perfectly. 

One great combination is to use gray walls and bright furniture colors, it creates an excellent contrast! 

For Orange Paint: Furniture With Turquoise or Teal Colors

Are you a fan of bright colors? Then orange walls may be your smart move. Orange walls highlight furniture with bold shades, including teal and turquoise, giving them a strong color scheme to watch. 

White furniture also works with orange paint. However, do not forget to cover and protect your white furniture well once the Maricopa house painters arrive. White furniture is delicate and it gets tainted easily. 

Orange makes people feel passionate, so try to use it in calming rooms or as an accent in dining areas. Also, keep your conversations in these rooms to low-key topics, although it’s just a recommendation. 

For Black Paint: Neutral & Pastel Colors

Black is one of the easiest colors to coordinate with. With black walls, you have a lot of color options to combine depending on the vibe you wish to give. 

For a light, fun vibe, use black walls with pastel furniture. The same goes for black furniture with pastel walls, although you have to equilibrate the scheme correctly.

If you have brown furniture, choose different shades of black for the walls to give an earthy feeling. Just be wise about the black, as it can be too aggressive or even depressing when using it too much. 

For White Paint: Vibrant Colors, Neutrals, and Pastels

Similar to black paint, white walls give you a lot of color options, so they can be useful with any piece of furniture. White is indeed the most popular color for walls, and many Maricopa professional painters can confirm that.

Some people think white walls are boring, but that’s far from true, beginning with the fact that there are many shades of white. 

If you have green, purple, or even red furniture, off-white walls will work perfectly to create a bold and energetic room. 

For a more traditional area, choose white colors close to beige tones. It works great if you have earthy-toned furniture. 

For Red Paint: Gray & Beige

If you want to bring boldness to your room, then choose red paint. It’s an interesting choice when having gray, white, or even tan furniture. The important thing with coordinating with red is that your wall is already providing boldness, so your pieces of furniture have to be more mellow.

You can also use red walls to add extra visual interest. It’s a great choice if you have black, gold, or turquoise furniture. 

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